Saturday, May 30, 2015

poem || Raymond Farr

Virtual Glove

The glove is the wearer this time around glove. The maestro dons his gangrenous glove. I studied a gloved lover in my youth glove. In the shank of the gloved evening glove I suspected language was like that glove. A glove in the hand is worth a thousand Arabian nights. Tom Hanks glove. Elusive glove of meaning glove. Dominatrix glove. On or about the glove of the month of July glove. I caved and a glove substituted itself for its mate glove. In the mirror glove. Cash glove. Lit cigarette glove. Titration glove. A glove by moonlight glove. And glove without rats glove. My notebook glove in which glove appears in the margins glove—a gloved saxophone. Paradox is a glove’s true nature. Not ambiguity. And thus glove is to cottage cheese as dada is to potato salad. Choreography glove. The stoned I-can’t-feel-it glove. I have loved you glove in the meantime glove. Shadow glove of the taciturn stalker. Somehow a glove in the glove box glove. I pronounce wonder between acts glove of luminous human dramas. A narrator gloved his script while the houselights dimmed in reverence of his voice glove, existing as though his body didn’t. Arm & hammer glove made of rayon. Demimonde glove. A glove washed ashore at Lilliput glove and was declared an enemy of the state. Ireland has its brogue glove. By the mouth of the Liffy a glove roamed like a protagonist. Flicker of light off the sheen of the plasticine glove of which I sing. Damned Faust’s glove as he waited for what he’d bargained to attain. Glove of the salvation of the nearly blind. Harmless glove. Glove of truth’s undoing. Sentenced to hard labor a glove will abscond with a hand inside it every time. Billiards glove. Bonne Homme Richard glove. Distinctive glove of the socialite of which I remark “Is that one? Are you a glove?” A trademark glove is a legally patented metaphorical glove. Soap bubbles glove in the tub with Tanqueray gin. Lion paw glove. Disposable rubber gloves. My heart is in the right place glove. I write glove. A glove writes infidelity. In the shower a glove bled down its leg glove. Shine glove of the hatchet act. I don’t care about gloves anymore than you do. My little brother glove. How have I been glove? If I glide or soar glove the view is absolute. Or so it seems glove. A tree with roots glove is obviously misunderstood. Macadam highway glove is a traveler’s glove. Starting salary glove. I won’t glove you anymore than I can glove. The past is a glove. The present is a glove without stitching to hold it together. The future is a seamless glove. A ghost of a glove. A bride is a glove. At arm’s length I touch you with my mental taxidermy gloves on. Alphabet glove of the bride’s dowry. In the Seychelles glove. Glove arrived by mail today. I had a glove put on by Venus de Milo. If art is a glove. If the glove fits you must acquit. My own my very own special glove. Tom foolery glove on the ice rink’s perimeter. A thousand uses glove. A thousand names for glove. The arch criminal’s glove displayed in the infamous cartoon hero museum. Glove. Glove. Glove. I submit to the state glove. I submit to the state of the glove glove. I am anchored by glove. I abhor ad hoc gloves at the moment. If you find my glove. Glove in the corral of misunderstanding between friends glove. Over used glove. Spic & span x-ray technician’s glove. On the off chance I Cape of Good Fear glove. Throw down your glove! I must have a glove like yours glove. Yours or a dummy’s glove. I can’t shake the moniker glove. Mistrust among gloved inmates. If I want your gloves I’ll ask for them gloves. I thought gloves were mine and mine alone. French tickler glove. A condom of gloves. Myths about gloves are never long in telling. Striptease glove. Off they come! AIDS glove. ICBM glove. Wishful thinking glove. Diplomacy glove. Off they come gloves! Wine taster’s snooty glove up the ass of the poor. Snow in the face of a child glove. Ash handler’s glove is anachronistic. It doesn’t exist with a purpose glove. Aisles of gloved musicians looked down at their gloved hands in frustration glove. Their left hand over their hearts glove. Desert flower glove of the operatic tenor. Raunchy eat me out glove. In which a glove turned up a street alone. I have a dream glove. Surreal Dali mustache glove cup. Chamber glove. Or a glove avenue. Begin here at this point glove. A glove is a pretty penny glove for a good look at your diary glove. Dairy glove. Cherished masturbation glove. Deep in the jungle glove of the isolationist’s strategic folly. Gaudy mistaken glove of the taciturn barkeep. Solipsistic glove. Manifestations of a beautiful glove. Transcendent glove. To quote a glove get inside its head. Safari glove. Sufi glove. Pencil neck geek glove. Bowery boyz glove circa 1934. Poland under blitzkrieg glove. I was hanged by a gang of gloved delinquents glove. Never oil your glove son. Despair of the last remaining glove. Anapest as a glove in the making glove. Angst of gloves. I CD Wright a glove in the ivory tower of my long glance back of the ottoman glove. Arbitrary glove. Tap root glove. Photographic processing glove of the amateur photographer glove. Glove as art in the chic gallery glove. Mass produced glove. A gallery of glove. My glove never chides or pulls your leg like a verb glove or an adverb in the midst of a narrative glove about Sufis or the Ottoman Empire. Peculiar glove. Glove alone at lover’s leap. Glove at the edge of glove. Rip tide glove. If glove is an article what does article mean glove. Beware of the glove. I now pronounce you man and glove. You are my cancelled check glove. Gloves all on fire brigade. The obvious is a definite glove. What about gloves? And as I was saying glove to Albert Finney. I chortle as the glove in me allows. Circumspect glove. If you are the true glove then take me to your leader glove. Glove as a trumpet player glove. The surgeon general’s glove of reasons not to smoke drink gamble fornicate drive do laundry eat a peach wear white flannel trousers on the beach glove. Botox glove of the rich and famous toxins glove. Fantasy glove wandering aimlessly glove in the rain at Bar Harbor while the moon sits still as a riddle glove. Bubble of shit glove. Predetermined glove. Asphyxiated glove of the paramour’s low rent Hollywood existence and eventual suicide glove. A lump of sugar glove. Pretentious glove. Haven’t we been over this before glove? A lack of a pretense glove is a glove of chaos glove. A glove so arbitrary as to rule out formality. A past tense glove. I hold your future here in my hands glove. My glove is your glove. & it’s back glove to the striptease glove. Yea! Take it off glove! All off glove! DNA evidence glove. Experimental rocket glove. Advanced whitening formula glove. Lame lama glove. Stock market glove in which I see my future crumble glove. Magic in the basement theater glove. Extinct Species Act of 2020 glove. At the parade grounds glove. Right over the cliff glove. I own the glove. I am the glove’s owner. Two statements about me glove. Two sides of my nature glove. De facto glove. I subsist on my words glove and only one language for two sides of my nature glove. Onomatopoeia glove. Admonished overlord’s glove. Steeped tea glove. Transplanted Yankee glove. Orange grove of a biographer’s glove. Glove hesitating at the edge of a small town as the sun glove sets like a god with its gloves on. I am ashamed to admit it glove. I love a good maelstrom glove. I pray glove with all my heart glove. Hoses seem too kinky glove today for a good watering. Bone weary gloves. If I put on my gloves I become a glove. I am that glove surreal. A book about glove’s ending in xyz glove. A child only pretends glove. A mature poet steals glove. The mistake of a life time glove. The in your face glove unless I’m wrong glove. A blue guitar glove is all about naked dunes glove shadowed by a meticulous mouse glove. A literary mistake glove. Libidinous crack up while hitting the black ice glove. No way a symphony #eight glove. Fingerprint glove. Odyssean glove worn by the avenger. Fox trotter’s craven boot leg glove. Look me in the face and say I don’t look down on you glove. Aileron glove of the middle of the century explosion in aerodynamics glove. Sphinx glove. Taffy glove. Tiffany glove. Glove of the hidden voice in the wall glove. A glove coming up for more air glove. Promenader’s glove. Mallarme’s glove. Faucets opened and closed glove. Civilized glove in the lion tamer’s bed chamber while the dictionary glove stalked his assistant. Predictable glove. The glove of good and plenty viewed by the glove of all reason and hope. The humorist died in the fire glove. Chirp if you desire to survive the winter glove. A nomenclature glove that works with each new ensemble glove. If I fly glove. Pioneer American glove by the side of the road glove. A glove after my own heart glove. A coterie of gloves. I know a good bullet of a song when I hear one glove. Glove with big tits and a beautiful smile glove. This can’t glove be pinned down glove. Or predicated glove. Glove with a serviceable chassis. I migrate in the fall glove. I distance myself from my source glove. I am all kinds of inadvertent gloves on the rack glove. A language called glove. Glove as advertised.

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