Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3 poems || Peter Ganick

3 >>>replicas oddly curmudgeonous.

flowers intractably oceanic 
filling as such the remote natures
nominally overtone told incarnate.

enticement where plutonic-carded
elementations banish cogency not
tool electorate those paradigmatic 
not notification where spleen nor sprig.

contusion lift nominal correction
animate while accuracy perceives ceiling

cirrus. the motorcade complexifies
where tooling scrips integuments 
once ramified while precision defrays.

veneer platforms deluge impulse.
the remote linkages react painlessly.
once unpacked calipers rule dissonant
motions where one was wandering.

a cosmic retaliation leafing rhrough
solidarity eluctability feint descent
fiction taxonomic glib near gnosis
deluging what igloo panic sell-offs
ipseity vacuum epic enigmatic nor
tangible returnable ingredient.

scroll thrice fabulosity remotely cine
that walker awhile comical thereas
flight risk scrupulous edification real
in gesso that punchdrunk haptic
smirk least culpable nounal mirage.

correctives loan words etch where
nothing elsewhile yellow to core
awhile concentric ladder-walkers
split visual fiction narrated for mandala.

4 >>>interlude

culled while determined 
no exist racing errata melds
terraces dilatory toxins ear
lobes rills and tracers cart
before wheels fleecing aside.

a burn phone over the moon
somewhere to assign matinees
to escadrille mill-haggle chariot.

anatar red hook vein acidfree
lamenr one sprees durable
inventions elixir or pointilistic
environments lateral burdened
nascar thorough slightly passel
volition mix capitulate exegesis
none racquet bloodline open
ectoplasm friendly effortless.

crash midrange moonside venture
quandry limit erases midrange
alert misqueue nor corrigably.

6 >>>o-range opt-image

eloge than crinoline goners airbus quixotic vedette.
thaumaturgical clergy mogul pruntemps scansion
refloat mirroring apana picky chorus somatic 
whereas improbably extant milling fecund winnow
chalice demude centrist erewhon pallative

grin chtonos ‘edict thereas pilar contingent
misqueue misquote musique redactive lens promo.

jetty modus genome paperwhite reality-merchants
size denigrate omelet situated lens motion alacrity
shoring caesuras dwell there focus ette allies with
a moment passe partout,

an uniform tidy 
untidy as well as……

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