Wednesday, May 6, 2015

poem || Jeff Harrison

Machine Chasm Photo

mountains live where the adventure's tearing hands
loathed to the mortal equator
military blue-heart for mission quiver like pups
gravel buzzing caused jokes for helmet
I am himself, you with gun drawn, whose cigarette
stood off cares, and hip, and how! words breathlessly read
which place theatre to rivers, territories that circle day

the promise machine, the lust with plumes, armor, &
javelin, across fiery Bastilles cut into Mr. Hole's overcoat
with high-gloss breeding & Citizen Waste


time, me, wasps,
TWO sides, beasts,
dream, know

sentences about Abyssinian reversals
where the Empress will run if she's smart
an improvised kiss-&-tell, dummy
O big, big is the machine chasm photo

brain imagines soldiers, occupiers, see sure into their dawn
enemy love they so dusted off, an acquired hula
the hodgepodge is all Louvre -- live loved days, chemicals

English-language police
crossed with baby birds are
wrapped up in the corner
what are they saying --
"Robespierre, hey, red roots,
death's you, Robespierre, red roots.."

fie scarlet models -- fie

a light parade of Visigoths
learned much tangibles

rise helicopters -- rise

who is the thief calling comfortable, anyway?

fresh this desire, Citizen Waste,
you're our Up World Burn -- returns, yes, crows
to our drama, my mangled Citizen

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