Saturday, May 30, 2015

2 poems || Lawrence Upton

a hand demonstrating a hand

a hand

a hand preoccupied

lost england is putrescent

england is better, and crowded
night lousy an' new believer
quaint sounding that don't know
followed by children

two versions collected
so far
have been media
both kinds
the voices will be played
the rhyming insult
singing this complicated train of spores
lusty creditable insistence

early jukebox blob charm seasick clasp
dew plump zealous brain
individual bar wizard
popularity dating from grubby environments

a hand demonstrating a hand
right round a whistle
internal survey as accompaniment to science
low tech scary
hobby horse distracted
seems to disparage
powder needs
repeated washings

the murky water emergencies in the voices will be acceptable
necessary for grudges
confusion cracks charm express seasick chaotic direction
a summer choice in space in my hearing
black windows loud clock ticking rain in the doorbell eclipse!

prominent close relatives in an attack
voices will be acceptable
to put a chain where infinity fuddles
poisoning yourself with drink goddesses

many hands over the sun
in the gutter

surf decoration dead appear out of what sounds like a house
the primary flowering is delicate
is an implosion
inquiring eyes open dying
the danger of this is evidence
with a hand round a song
breathing becomes intermittent
the ears wizened
occidental possession with gold

here are the voices
will be played
a hand demonstrating a verbal arsenal

music rain


can't quite hear
music rain obscuring the forge
puddles newspaper reports fill the mob
as it floats out in a children's song
hierarchy of nailing
collapse making songs
and escaping coastlines

the trees are eaten apart
an old sweater fitting tightly across a gray sky
history escapee explanation
hairsbreadth hoofmarks
manoeuvrable business
admirer argument
horse trade
gloomy gentry
ancestry slogan
choral difficulty lacking duty
leafy concept slumbering angrily
chaotic iffy
adolescent deterioration
blue flood
clod gentle
an unknown letter
subjects evolving
the evolutionary tree
in clownish attitude
obscuring the gardens run together
rattling thunderheads
surf the wood ceremony director

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