Sunday, May 10, 2015

3 poems || John Pursch

A Garbled Sigh

How an island manages
to suffer past excision
legalese in mobile oeuvre
eggplant fetish pleas
is whale-eyed bony trellis
allied stegosaurus silt
beyond what huffers sever
from impassioned morbid
extant camphor lozenge
bilge-brat roadster Hapsburg
tendon horseshoe’s squishy
Hessian hex repayment prawn.

A garbled sigh
carbonizes your inner artisan’s
swarthy workout grocer,
finishing carotid errors
with knifed brocades of
gush construal ferry hints,
scented per voltage terrier
comma rotation skew,
inherited from squealing
mortuary polish dreams
of crime-lapse sonogram
reporting tours.

To Cold Sawdust

Femoral party loins
close their knocking
kneecap newsstand gates
whenever timid precedents
deny the raining past-life
flakes of image carcass.

Unanswered quadrants
scream for bootstrap
plumes of passive meat.

Illogical contusion vendors
oddly manage to control
the mythical populace with
strings of consequential love.

How far we’ve clambered
up the freezing iron touchstone
in the name of pointillism!

Broken-hearted hyphenated
loops of mental horizon
meet their matchless segue.

Witnesses evaporate
to cold sawdust.

Mauve Eruption

Hives ensue with tapered rust,
catapulting fallow wasps
till Stegosaurus feet come
dawdling to Lake Como,
sprinkling cohabitation
vows from curdled cumuli,
in gametes that befall
a loiterer’s brazen gash.

Mossy picadors infect
aural pachyderms with
arthroscopic andirons,
flexing woozy dovetails
at twilight beagle bullet holes,
emptied of orange foyers
by teamsters on puddled

Ceramic muskets
scoff and deal steroids
to asterisk semantics,
grooving mauve eruption
with gaseous ligament release,
spent hourly on symptomatic caries.

Patsy charisma shatters
in allied dashboard interludes,
exchanging kite ribs for
reciprocity’s first boon,
spanning curved doodles
in museum crypts,
far beneath Patagonia’s
tacky sonic playground feuds.

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