Wednesday, May 6, 2015

poetry || billy bob beamer and Peter Ganick

POMEfr pocket sleep ER intended to take /or mode kaKe

ohbonafideanotherthesoftclod shellboto ed c oat corroborTWILIT BONGo retaliation 

peaksofashmarsstaI racas gracious borrow bavafrdEZ boot cocacola 

fin pla ted floor given into parrot least too changeable 

radertor ocianis monisi er
re icinom vette nautical misericorde 

some vacancy edit 

/reactions h ere o ut to f end er even another vocable resounds 

mud dy ter rean or an gean 

swee ter fur ear burl valves& 

garage reneoosie ownwind dat symmetry ————————- 

deep knee covert raven bed 

asana abacus routine alternative to time 

/wriggles too & th ere milk... 

grit go ankle anjou argent shady run

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