Monday, January 27, 2014

2 poems || Peter Ganick

really, therefore what today subjection
go vitale
crawl genial milestone aegis upsurge avail
letter snack interperception laisse
contrastive where intend trei doux factor uno
nnnnnn thereins replace placent
contrastive anapest rubric hasten.
regressing suede truillo gestural centaur
meiange aside mending
contrast meringue alabaster veep
as corrigible there the sanding
wed sforzando the orbit fest vingt
pluck only terrazzo multiples
there.  coincides mending amaretto
specious repair code amerigo flying

the each remands wile
of process tripwire iavish
contusion glory snowfall
tonic where dumdum rudder scrape
nibble arable
quotient cinnabar elective selector
meandering where incursion begets
whiles of rebuttal.
trapped in ocean of commission
robust therein sugary befuddle
aint elms buffo granite inverses.
pliable terrazzo muttering sauternes
calendar velocity
grabbing literal nth vessel pictorial
that riffles camouflage sediment
answering capture inventions
so much throughput the small talk
windless night kind hologram.

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