Wednesday, January 1, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

15 Light good wishes Lawrence Upton
·        Prayer perhaps above them, and collective effort. Single texts are held and fall, houses covering land with photographs. (Light good wishes.) A visit in your own war. Drug war zealots; but try to be like tiny wheels. (Hands write several landscapes.) I'll survive. Too fat. It's understandable that a totalitarian country can -- must -- hold up under ill life. Differing diagrams
·        A skiff of money across the lawn, breaking, waiting for influence, those who didn't obey the fences
·        I'm jumping, acceptance, carrying the face of brilliance; darkness and flux, language restrained here. Everything seen through bracken and dirt and fire. Sound edited for malformed sunrise. Skinny. Electro-acoustic. Instruments' pity. Sketched vacancy
·        You say no sense
·        Inventor of the trees, praise upwards triumphing, dictators among designers who break down the insides of offices. Their texts are held: a simple primitive hope for Afghan farmers -- chat of plastic under gravel, rats at the breaking little bricks -- explains everything seen through that brick wall
·        In the distance, a portrait of the intensive activity, in the quality of the attraction of stones, by the side of the orchestra, Hitler had slumped, had not been willing to feel, slightly, being fancy, moving out of old terms, used a system of green clutter
·        nothing, some reflected light, paper, a keyboard devastating a moon
·        you invite participants to the cash register painted on your own little doubt, travelling by religious police, the world went to a tuning transposition; and others are stoned to death
·        nothing in daily lectures, bony, all the competence electronic; orchestra of the inward repairing the horizon. Revised humanity no longer exists, relocated as organic
·        rotting apples
·        simple relationships, never comfy, big enough
·        Who grew the poppies? under the author space in the trailer loaded up under ill light
·        break down, the precipice air conditioned, red ashes gleaming, vacant skyscraper for the police and chit chat of the floor pattern
·        We are surprised into every year. You will know plausible etymology, summary sounds urgent, something brushing the words surprised into every year again, smooth cylinders riding the trees, a barren place, rooves, an interactive people shuddering looking both ways. I notice it. We remember monumental fires; then try talk already there, icy corners necessitating assistance with dynastic certitude. Bright poisonous darkness. An image of mahogany water. Noise of the face, indistinct. I feel at home, studying at home, extremism of eating, relationships abusive
·        Inventors of flame, tilting together. Attempted prayer responsible for the bus on landscapes, fire consumes the author space; fire storms dawn; nothing; some reflected light darkness a misspelling

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