Friday, January 3, 2014

2 poems || Raymond Farr

Making the Figures Transparent

Fig. 1:
collapsed within bounds
of its own derivation



of its own extinction
mass movement

each riddle gets
its own outcome—

the tripping up

spills onto itself
the sameness

of brothers  
the poem hasn’t

a name yet—
I want

but control

Fig. 2:
without awareness

the awareness of
twelve other persons—

a dozen’s eyes
a poem’s eyes

touch of the blind
that feel

playing on
the surfaces of things—

a card board cut out
but a card board cut out

& a dove

a river of

page after page

but never

Fig. 3:
a poem
is a poem

is looking
at apples—

that is fire 

a lit fire

when the womb

is bloody
with 9 months’

when the brain’s

sputtering gravitas
is like

purest phosphor

the shuttling of

& between

the same

smiled at
from behind

the nomadic

garden wall—
on this island

poems are hours
measured in


To Whom [_____] afright w/

To Whom [______] apprehends “turned yellow”
wants terribly the lurid extinguished

To Whom [“investigates”] has hunches
could be ashamed of To Whom [“under logo”]

To Whom [_____] inquires: Dost thou ramp?
Dost thou clatter evening while Goethe?


Therein Thelonious
Therein Jelly Roll
Therein To Whom [______] off key yet multiple

& thus a zoo’d To Whom [______]
allotted by flocks

& To Whom [______] under tarmac
a sunbeam flashing in summer
beyond Time
beyond substance

& paled by the To Whom [“of books”]
humming & blinking at hold the dustpan safely, stranger


& To Whom [“abstractly”] abandons its ego

To which exposed yonder rattled To Whom [______] replies:

not ever toward frolic
not ever toward redolent
but out onto cheese
out onto acknowledged

& darker than To Whom [“intuiting throngs”]

through stone

through paths

along rock and creature witnessing


 a space is lit / illumined To Whom [ ____ ]

& To Whom [ _____ ] a kludge is a coffin 
Utters faithfully [“for whom the bell tolls”]

ports riddled with axis/Total access To Whom [_____]
like never mind, mother, I’ll do it


By now its functions To Whom [_____]
indexing books
a volume or disc

a language shrieking in deluge To Whom [ _____ ]

& three last flights out of Tangiers
before To Whom [“deadens”] by moonlight


I’d rather illegibly a sky To Whom [ ____ ]                                      
than nothing of consequence burning in azure


& “I” keeps saying “I”
like it was equal to some point To Whom [ ______ ]
made on schedule
posed as factual

& “I” a keeper of “I”

& To Whom [“a keeper of To Whom”]


& ardently a lawn
before walking the walk To Whom [_____]

& singing

as To Whom [______] pans slowly over
bends it right away
to get illusions out in vain

but yonder is orb

& Infinite To Whom [______] anvils motifs disguised as
To Whom [“realms go”]


Welcome strident!
Welcome fled!
Welcome opiate To Whom [“stars toward camera”] yet visible

Is telling To Whom [“imagined a poem”]?

To Whom [“an instance”] a bulb

To Whom [_____]
goes dark

& what could’ve been vast To Whom [_____]
is never complete

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