Sunday, January 5, 2014

poem || Tatjana Debeljacki


The trail
of vocals sounds
explained certainty
equipped intolerance
paid the air with inconvenience
if he had given it because he has the way
speaks flies away politely totally the face blood
Infinity penalizes increases dissolves knowledge
Snatches the offers lively intentions necessity of rapid
Unknown drive revises distance takes the rest close or not
torn apart were stacked in doubt chooses something a warning
clearly forgotten tightens the wound the time occurred close passengers
the future in front of the turning moody warm words hiding smell of sweat
exist lunch together magnificent orgasm romance the spare key the month of May
ripening carefully bravely he climbs up daydreaming he is proud no failure for sure
knowing nothing persistence stubbornness the heat of planets Venus the symbol of taurus
the skill the strength the temper punctuality burning imagination surrounds the arms
and its strength realization trust inaccessibly inaccessible totally realistic tourist
Intelligence and the ability for having the knack and interests and judgment
hospitality with understanding the feeling importance discreet personality
The weapons of the characteristics of these relationships significant strong
Continuation fidelity definite inseparable commitment  strain the point
cheerfulness with aim conquering combinations understated combining
the senses active and intensive tempting red silk wine look eyes
focused on the sign of uncertainty original line analyses
always analyses good and planned misunderstanding
the point thinking wanted restless movable pleasing its
originality fertility reserved ability realization
of ideas the base for strong long-lasting liaison
Participates in the experiment curiosity challenge
Power for all different phenomenon in shades
Undertaking complications in pair principles
the line procedure is different only deceiving
The benefit war egoist solid state staggering
the possession psychological defiance
Artificially cautiously tested often
Nightmare the arrow wilderness
bulls eye brain the rules govern
routine sleepwalker ideal
balance peak the zone
The trip sexual power
Morning France
damaged liaison
mending hmm
Erogenous –


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