Sunday, January 26, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

Whatever a person fears


Whatever a person fears will make suspicion. Identification is hearsay or opinion; distanced voices, identities or selves, becoming contemporary:  painful work of generous intelligence.
Assumption of historical context. Belief without fear. And it does matter what imagination is. Forever being. It seems another idea. The termination of intellectual superiority, compelling enough. The maladies of fear.
Definition performance a trace of art, the mad among the many commentators, already dead, unfettered; the history of the people a single reading sympathetic to depictions, the troops of the combative writer, surmise overthrown, invariably monstrous. Incumbent distinctions matter. The background is not really funny, a wide range of idea and brutality. Believe it, but in ambiguous light, an achievement of the imagination thing.
Political realism is suspicious. A lot of beauty. Rely on survival, gangsters but without extensive foreign support, horrendous conquerors, coloratura within, the malady of art, the ear in governance embedded in hope, participation in lack, the cruelties of apprehensions
difference against the invasions of identity
in confrontation
the termination moral
try to build a fool
clear the masses
reconstruct killed mechanisms
fear will oppose
feeding into attitudes
beliefs disastrous

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