Saturday, February 1, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison

Was Once A Firework's Fervor

in fantasy's relabeling his might, janitorial, solicits Virginia
but Virginia floats casual as a Milky Way wrapper, she sez:
"gloves, they has germs, encoded & interpossessed
yours be intuitively, theirs ravenously..." insurgent initiated...

they does rackety hers, cabaret frantically, hers allocates
I greets & repulses Wormswork, they are crystallize... Wormswork
& his brashy mouth! hourglass has dwellers! lacerated fantasy!
Hellish Wormswork did reconnaissance her, frosted biographical

approach raptures I does preempt... feigned? my feigned is fright
yours? diversify, fellows, diversify! have your carol, they have theirs
then you inherit what hath serialized me... growling its despaired boast
where was once a firework's fervor, mine's numerical, yours alphabetic

eclipse us, we have been bundled & nearly eaten

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