Tuesday, January 14, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison


the dusk: anachronistic
the fact: golden
wiles: surrounded
significance: uncontrollable
soda: object
object: northernmost
legal: raccoon coats
revolver: number
number: dastardly
solution: choked
choked: plunge
objected: suavity
bridges: identification
dead: written
written: break
sticks: struck
pines: envelope
effrontery: wondering
wondering: distrust
tricks: scrape
scrape: sticks
letter: leaking
mouth: scenery
rid: dour
dour: upstairs
upstairs: quickly
so quickly -
but failed
to catch
our prey,
who was
anyway, &
his suavity
to being
scored by
others - our
own good
graces will
be found
after a time

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