Tuesday, January 14, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

multivoice expostulations
for S H

“seeking the totality”  (1)


began blossom      wood           wall
fragrant branches      outline here
sturdy lighting devices

accept the space
and space glides sharply
into cataclysm

faithful huge white glitters

the town is austere after glamour

space black
head arriving

flames pervading
watch everything

green on green
red memory
exchanging harmony

drum silent
and after the music, you're everywhere

supporting prancing
green by red

through the depicted sunshine
gates on every side
skyline orange below

trees pierce the filling municipality
space twinkling
town brilliant

began blossom memory
exchanging white into swaying
orange below
vibrating shimmer
red visible

smiling scattering every hinterland
the which is unforgettable
white and the music
flames by green

lost between us
you hear forget

framed memory no love

between us you hear you hear you hear you hear you hear

the masts the sea the sky


jolting trees impatiently
many in orange and green
all orange below

spun eye
juice spills
tinted carpet
apple riches
no love in memory
red tinted

amongst gold

white and soft and in cars
and in sky



sparse black
is top and crown
lets many in your once
once desperate
beside a hand place

between alone is the gates
dancing from might

where and may it reverse?

is unforgettable where soft
jet violent, soft you, be over
the filling the past falls dancing
between us
across our skyline to a man
but the gates looking quiet
bright and after


beat several
sharply arriving
a smelling white
your reverse?
silent quiet bright
cloud hour
into the day
cloud hour

into the past of cling
dancing from

tell your people dreams
where and is


pioneers neighbours into cuts eyes
exhales on tea, memory
to rage
rubbing where soft
into in far all when
when all moored
horizon glows flee gray silver white and the quiet
human a mist
a barely sap riding

shouting from
bring merchandise

which is unforgettable
soft you watched everything

racing the wind
smell and sun
across our skyline

space and somewhere scaling
tracks vapours
empty harmony
filling the rhythmic head

all orange ink

(1) “seeking the totality” is a quotation from a revised version of West Boogie which was published by Masthead magazine edited by Alison Croggon. West Boogie and the earlier West address the 1999 total eclipse of the sun, visible as a total eclipse in the west of Cornwall

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