Sunday, December 2, 2012

text || Peter Ganick

from course of gesture 03

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c3b] brunt s-nonce- ontol- baggage zephyr trawl strike aloha virgule parochial demunstrandum epiloguist bivouac elemental corridor edit reread interloper scruple redo night-format consequence reapply finessed aout fontanelle souse negotiate giff remedial snowfallen nitya haptic oversight layette coefficient acacia demode glitch haptic vocalize memoranda ensemble tenet nosferatu slight tending re-realizitation emplot favoritism neither waits elementally cog scruple ousia renders altimately corrective benzene fleck hiatus kite tentatively sure-fire ballast once tartan furlough script nineteenth lagoon remedy contrast reinvent slightly preclude mode also therefore model hum caporal whicheverwhatwhy deluge impound cessation elementation nostrum gaining slight effigy snapdragon containment assurances elite azure coatlique stunt elegance delusional perusal...

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