Saturday, December 1, 2012

poetry || Felino A. Soriano

from rhythm:s

in the ballet of rhythm

birth inward
prayer the
                                    amid concrete’s corporeal fascination            watching then

twirl of the humanized smoke                        gaze                 upward reach of eyes’ etching angles

she an ultimatum of exhibition’s forceful disposition:

                        we’ve incorporated bridge between us
and the you of interested facets of later’s naturalized applause


in the crepuscule of rhythm

awaken home the
augmentation of trust explores

rhyme of the crisscrossing angles
            in hope of hoping
            arranged as the jazz ballad’s

friction empathizes within
contoured realizations of day’s
containing tonal incentives to the eyes’
becoming acclimated watchers

in the grief of rhythm

envisage silent hands
confused in the annual analogy of celebratory giving—

morbid consultation
broken seesaw reciprocation of vowels’
expressive devotion to heal then

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