Saturday, December 8, 2012

prose poem || Edward Nichols

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       Vestarian taboo slacks the clock verbatim looks through the hour glass respectfully without sincere sinecure. Frosty trade trancers imbibe the holistic bumper jack of krishna in the saline structure of artificated headrows antiqualated vigilantly at the quadangle of i''llrepute scenic bravura in plane rooted site angle hammers away at the gesture of genetic degenaracy all inspiring articulation of prose gaps welling up the grappling hook of honored cyclotronic inspiration overloaded verbatim.
          Hypertonic fluctuations uptake the ennuendos of flowing perpendicular glamour standards harboring judgement. Stammering lenses hardbake the principle of soccolant mishadlers primping at long distances for the turnstyle of equidistant crustaceans.Long live the gallygarths.

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