Monday, December 24, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

sections *9 - *16 of REMOVE A CONCEPT VOL01
in unformatted view.

emollient think much of human, what he said at table, yell at result (th first neighbor) is reconstruct to deep order,
cd (they think) a new start, tenacious misinterpretive feel that way, soft on new life, barn, truck, forest, whose delicacy? ...

wiretap th fawn show off, a sutra in stupor, this light from grace, in a heedlessness true anonymity,
whose wonderful atrium, all these worlds & correctly, their line between a razored edge of devotion to a mindset total renounce,someone else who uses th pen, their separatist emotion,
sixty to seventy percent, never one hundred, a farce is go thru new brooms, a new bunch of stores, those return to sleep bargain any than life reported keep it, a rationale further escape, how in once one light a persevere to replace ...

*11 happens for one rule, a
person in the forest a venerant optical stricken avanti before harassed to encircles time that resists,
(craw ordinate, sky pharisee invisible, in a version cd depend) ...
in haunt those rules, call garden, nice gal from cembalo,

w/out is secret, whose tympanum stretches for include, early or late his let to has for a ride on strangle,
any braggard ideologue their function unclear in that relate their talk so busy reformulate,
blank ovaltine scurvy as bucolic in ear for lurk, repose that by thisness a trial duality
for episode sit down , stifle an ornament, whoops toss a crimp that two forty ...

dearth of slip any fold for one heart sake th parrot heir deify that cdnt say ...
whom approve blue to touch one noise
very nice evening, that mettle get is no smog fuse latter depend for broken easement, how
innoculate forever monday ...

that other place, a marraige in dream, some smooth miles away, clear off seventeen, their triplicate on telephone, all a lean-to expression of december by th promises get hypnotized their effect to gather, get start & crutch replay, nerves & springwater, a crucial for humdrum, however intentionary th slower than thou, hurdle for remains rock, th suddenly of it works well ...

back non-egoic anorexia, detain appear to be that,
release a reality (some are invariant) for when to shoe th pardon, that itd be self, ask & is not refused about farms some fear upon retract,
will not call you (embarass th futile) neck & platoon in seized to take a bath, see if momentary ...

because didnt want, wd accelerate for show, wd rephrase & detail any baseball curio,
needled into removal, none to demand, thrust is deep for life, enough of talk showdown, th fool of commerce, business
to album (new treasure parentheses anticipate) talk gainsay th further, small gestalt,
to remove ancillary, think whom or which to expand retrospect nature,
so humdrum hundred a lark cd expect & where is to that mind intact forever (whoosh th wind say), demand treasure to have look thru, three songs in caged steel fill up,
sentential to renouce in all experient nature to walk & build whomever crowd,
relay kind world how heat on low, graceful this then to ago,
report in once sudden to know alive & th fuss, replay & service to dust & ashes ...

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