Friday, December 7, 2012

text || Edward Nichols

       Conclave mirror ambushes the ashes of cold crustaceans vilify the lucrative circumstances of coyly outfitted accumalation of sensations entitled by the numb number of the alabaster wings controling the output of cramped accusations flaming at the magistrate of malcontent vesting visible dirigables containing fromucated diadems trapped in time by33 harbingers of concealment resting the concave adversaries of tripped hterglyphics on the organ bench.
      Virtual scenic polygraphy annexes the circumscribed performance of jaded brick-a-brack, soloing .in the face of macabre junk,never running out of words.
Colorful junk jumbles angularly at the attentive dismissal of slovenly orbital pivotal matriarchs,comatose mannequins adjourn at the crossroad following the condolenses of hollow platitudes passing through ahses of crescendos pounding triumphantly at the  at the release of endorphins. qualified for the fatigued masses clamoring in sodomy for a right scenic rejoining of the majestic crowd of symphonic totalitarianism.
         Recluse conspires with sauntering  regulators conspiring to restart the conjunction of quagmired starting guns rejoicing at firing fuuriously by the fate of runaway conspiracies teeter-tottering on the edge of nothing.

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