Sunday, December 2, 2012

2 poems || John M. Bennett


flooded haphtic duu
stt’s yr nodte nude
)label streaming(  to  )ss
ed(  cash an  )slo
shshed(  where the
moumouthless lungch
“lost’s tea cher”  )fol
ded yellp(

sot ,dusty


th apeless throught u
h cragk nappy  )¡p
ill ‘n napp!(  gus her
one ah ahh  .the
temp id lob e re
aches fr yr  ...pes
tle thoattled in
uh  .en corn d
reams  )o how
ler one o(  too
lt in ,left inna
ear ,ere el
bow gnastles
in  )my(  suidt



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