Monday, December 3, 2012

2 poems || Keith Higginbotham


envelope dancers luminous from horses

  1.  adapt for believe heap
  2.  rock hypnotism
     of dress
  3. breathe pants junction and
  4. space stars sex shape sides
float before severed pole of ownership
flight wings genocide in boxes heap
evening our credit sun a meditation vacuum
my defenses of another this futile

fascinating published cages bed crept
removing in like a cross to profiteers
like head start: others no someone a noble
sweat self-aware creates

the amuse moving as a large framed month
a margin landward—without lives
the huddle maps point of corporation an outward
mansion spins the language like a mobile
crater show where simultaneously
another together changes


schematic: no anch
or of bolts the hyp
o you were

load crumble at
tic threaded foreign man
ners clenched

a wave’s chest
clear night's broad
cast tar

gets undandy in
to hearts scop-
hiding time

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