Thursday, December 27, 2012

poetry || Peter Ganick

sections *9 - *16 of REMOVE A CONCEPT VOL01
in unformatted view.

pattern immolate, is sky grey for you or her?, th denser th color, th highrise that agreement (how link to shower in placement of work),
defunct brat hid from capistrano, how time fools never th space of reflect,park for life, a harrow to serve in whose warm, bless & approach, cool in th park, his start from careful if to anoint ...

before nature to be before route in a sack of marbles, child's motor never down,
patchwork whose compute, druid struggled w/in a place intact & tolerable,
never resemble that, only a flower that cant sing for, relax, how they say yes to contradiction, never a staple such as
one fifty can use younger,
scripted resale in trident molecular that contention often in & out, whom needs telephone,
last night a cousin to look, nurse sand for mountain, goal watchband, in last night reaffirms had a feeling,
suction whose aunt, trump slocum delve wrought with it in a gleaming report,
said to carrying all puffball, please to remain a bargain,
once start th companionship, elephant hourly water, swarm excite, get flinch, tools & separate so happy,
to pronounce of air, you imagine ...

takes th crosswise a concern of deaf light, name distance in feed hollow (his opinion) road, a
tingle in clank, instant trace, that thirst openhanded a sail float soar depend & run, impact upon struck to no cause,
let it rise or fall, th hungry of one's word she gets up to go ...

talk th, if it can be, remain in mountain, think is to be one's own that true, than effort, perhaps & suck of signs, a rated immaculate,
gold & black, another tune to rhythm, forty-five moments upon th ear (of degree),
for th moment, put in, took a bath, one's several to move, explain & defer, perhaps pearl in th artery, a nothing for very small, a wad of sloppy in a trick of study ...

spotted, spaced into relax, tar on roof grease a street, they arrive to return tho,
any portion is recall to pure mooded, one's salt remembrance,
(if you dont know) concept, remove, on th answering machine a foot before quiet replaced,
some stalk as tonnage by reprimand, so lateral by twelve of you calls, to be removed format than essent,
magic shoes of dance, pool once that now going, now to go there is firmer deal, than a rosary for one's incipience, remain & where it surfaces when this attired to clamor,
who is such & th neighbors', still same hair, shockproof when this interpret world, thoughts & bravery, a
magic of salt sutra, nothing w/out earn it, as you inspect trump for crease, gentle sofa ...

that is because how disperse to around one hour in pray, how inform to
first calls, one or two, th same demand, how pulse to remove, you are compare th silence, numerical into finesse spoken to rattan, whom lark (never) expanse to escape perhaps only often, table & chair, chow down, first time five year this city, molecule assert never spoken to reprove, import of what captive ...

when is rare, th deface mild any encourage to impish,
whose recall for finish, think of can better warning if music for arrears whistle,
denounce as feudal, mind accomplish anxious reforms to suspect, th goat inside to takes a sandcastle to walk in rennet coolers,
(w/out th knowledge) ...

anechoic chalice, th firm already slept in distance if she suggests, any rate wd accuse & devolve items that (punched out) this arrange
is by here second meanings, any (to be) trick of sudden applause, whose detail indefensible & kept low-key in th clear, amounts to bear show flaked out of orchestras,
th sentinel secretary bother, something else to name a rare preponderance where cave in is walked is living danger enough, th survival (psychic & physical) better off than dancing their array, her concern, th world in flavor to be announced being a strange ideal, fork & shofar, th delve & alike to story, hundreded seekers often cram sulfur, a dear insist to receive by th darks in hot-headed survivorship ...

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