Thursday, August 21, 2014

text || Marco Giovenale

modules 9-1

there’s an actual piano player player actual problems walked away rather than years cars i remembered to leonardo movements he
small holes of the patient (a point of honor) police could peer over his shoulder or something the tracer the washing on
tell your father
i'm going to check the crowd thins out or when there is drink coffee expressions of
(meeting) windy day you say see if there is

litigation or destruction box chemistry
behind the grille
call the handler with the dog without money to solve lots of actually is a interferes with the culture of deception ready for operation
in class in the library for arm i changed so frenzied building up the money complete in the lust of crowd outside
if it be

one’s will
acquire culture sing the song
readings point of honor spills and flows a

statement of
a filamentous material
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closer of a block of equal length good faith ids a set of modified coffee plus handler they’re so near
invite her to the group because of the mild number of plus dog
ockham machines a photographed object turning black ridges including means of  rhizomatic arrow as they progress if you do not answer the poll i believe in two stencils if they are well done 
greeks freeware is in the usual charcoal camp library
is presented to the court and declares
want the duty the court’s save help subversive florist distribution call you once a minute there is a plyboard
destruction of  the tracer must never stop strong and growing it is not clear what to do isolated mild consequences making mistakes to
full the day what is being viewed as

six fading turn
orange cars pass right watch strange very loud to the first call with my coat also requires knowing
so much water is left neither easy nor indicative
are part of errors

the same observer noted was it great desire not to die but to be dead commercial you wonder how much

value take the pass to blow plastic they’re getting here
this is paths
in the will in its response animals a copious who's there four opera arias

it turns at
changed without taking the piano view  mistakes are part of the tomorrow are the days of slide
i believe in the door opens very slowly do you capture full plexuses particular view irrational road
the id without money in france stood up and remember when i used them saving to the very idea of anschluss let’s talk about blue who says wash your head means for year after year they after you say in you make the consonants cute drinking called the prince in good
faith in the primate brain the pentagram beauty there’s a great desire not to die but to be dead opens the box of the player take the power taken by an unpredictable climax
by a pilot in a place apart from here however i was there it exceeds fallout component
it's very funny more slowly
i have not heard anything tonight in the worst movement compensation nour fluoride by voice
felt strong and growing really is the very origin of knowledge and freedom machines just

deposition of the objects on the track  then on sunday the concert  slowly four opera crime scenes else he can no longer take heaven here
foot should be when he said the gaze co-erects piano real piano keep people transport a series of
will be numbered and will match says this is meant to be when you work you work
the radio says anguish drunk says
modules took this for less
a matter of principle two stencils near particularly afraid of
the three are the three anything to save we are left alone so that anything can happen felt shamelessness has been stolen marks the end of the do not pass beauty is unable to grown over with readings footprint contribution the findings show see had to redo the regulation

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