Friday, August 29, 2014

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

heno slonger write snorm ally
My brain is right  festerfield ablucnd
Over the station write shall nor omally
Normally write over the staion fosterfudge
Write nor mal ly thruthrt ee thno longer
I  normally shall right shak topiary abl u cnd
N e thhin gu no me oknor ironod FasterFringe dy


In spir
I ntu
It ionMrc
 hi         n
 ese wi  th un
ne   cath
e dra
l puc k cy
cle r /
sa rt   re s t r e
et lam
am p p
et blessss

sssss cap
I t    ali   z shin
 eup tra
 de ranfor
Ing o o te
R  e a
Ar d
Alter d
Est iny eq
uati on
 fir e blas ted brad so meslosolo
s saag
e all abot doing something relse new absolute t
haters always something e
lxse i
n the uni
srse as big
 as thisObo eoo be jazs
rl ieman! On
F ire bla z e ises
incin der cindr arca
Ap  p
T  or e apa r tcra r prtm    ar
Ke   t
Ajo ystr eet zoo per sti  ple stap  l  e cor
/a   y   lerspiry bl e w ou  d
T o   ok of   f plu g wir es sen
sor wt b l wew fu se                      T   
 e at lig ht no powr t  o th   e couil
N     o -cl  u
e/a-fla t f
ll  tak
e on th
e so
g    sd if f
ere   n t
Do  n
e ev   ey
thi  nSo
Sta    n
d on yr he
adi gu e sssss esss

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