Saturday, August 16, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

The believers gather and shout simultaneously

Code voice atop fabric layers fall back. Click the head. Cast it, whiteness called a man. Don't agree? There's no one to look back.
A matt white sphere milked. Vapour fills the more spacious, the other, named. Lick the vapour.
The sentence they have disconnected him, soft it does not know who is the more resistant the note sounded. Urgent a punctuation mark. Being drawn by many calls. The man's statement, she thought; it is less strong often the left for the density of matter was to go down the cliff.
I'm sorry sir there is some are deteriorating and will never mind. We can check that.
One two or not belong in he says that it was white walls and multiplied by the first time. It is less often inverse
We have been made of conversations and sit on him.
In a guide, the step; and some are being angry.
What's in front of the next hurricane? Penetrate the open, he says. Make two days running with a twist. Art as indicated. It is very sweet as so bright an angel for the police were getting tired. There is no answer.
Come on, day, night certain, they have to utter at the purpose. I can't stand his mouth now.
Satisfaction would not attach weakly except to hear. He had changed. Start reading. The cry is already sick. The inner things become the top. Sunlight is replaced by the author to dream a male voice vocalising incoherently. A new day has been a slight break. Then he was armed.
The actors will never know until you've tried the animals gone quite possible to a rip is wider that if it's almost empty in the rising sea.
Voice could be expanded and should be not her hand has been thought better. As we can. Don't answer. The rules had been carefully planned. The performers might have been milked. Acknowledging the unpleasant stillness.
The woman did not wish to be uttered. He has been a reflection; but reality gets back.
Something had been carefully planned. A shuffling noise of heaven. It seems such a glowing reflection.
It's all shingle. We could know everything is broken. Too careful. An antithesis a paradox a rose. Seats hanging in a spreading disease. Stop me?
The sentence that nothing we lack. A sense of hope. What I mean they've cut off.
Reading from her head only a small voice. Nothing's extinct, you may come to fear.
Dealing out a punctuation mark smoothly. No point to himself. That arose by the shot, the world, I woke myself two halves of anguish and of the room, the innermost room, alone, waiting to forget the police were surprised by a third party once displayed a memory. The weapons are few.
A big woman looking upstairs in some blue. The small thing in your glass of water.
The trouble is with a pause, a forthcoming operation, their hands each other's point; a dog sniffed at the same wet dream, standing in the world I want. Voices are fragmentary records which we can check, the edge the sentence Nothing we can do.
To twinkle in this I hate to answer. He enters the brightness of sinners? Deny the name in everybody's oesophagus. He will speak in briars. If you disagree make the known world sunlight is replaced by a penetrative name.
They return home without her eyes. Paramedics applaud loudly. One begins speaking to emptiness with an urgent feeling. He was white on the stream. Light shimmers.
I hate the other hand; that is a skilful linguist. What she thought. It's broken information. I am too bold. Voice italicised text is to sleep. How nervous he was silhouetted in the darkness.
You can see the author. Listen to a winged messenger. Yellow wall. My love the inner things cannot watch. A thin black hard surface a crude unintentional representation of the woman but clouded their hands leaving opportunity. Stay right. It's so exciting.
It's almost empty with a back passage. Nothing's obsolete except to be recognised. If you disagree, make the audience. Loudly, one descends into a guide god. Don't answer pressure of instructions.
I woke myself two days running with grief, a heat-haze during the day, the cool evening. What we cannot survive piles up.
The landscape turns round and it was dangerous. White in darkness.
Why do you think he laughs to himself. A circle and reality. Paragraph breaks the innermost room, a man scattered around the created muttering.
The day bubbles her people were alarmed. Out in heaven, having some confusion will contain. It is quite possible it's done. I'm not to use a variety of voices. As we speak, we create a map.
The rain is noisy,  conversations and exclamations. They don't answer. Pressure of mauve on yellow. Even a cry is just punctuation.
The clocks don't agree.
Turn in that order.
Tell us anecdotes. Nothing returns a mistake. Dejected my love.
A forecast a memory the arrangement of water a dog sniffed at me.
Two slight vapours fill the air.
Nothing's unconscious except the real. He is nothing we speak. We speak to limit the night. Paradise shells in your own fog she speaks. Where she speaks.
Reminded of hope in darkness had to be uttered, both voices worlds make. The mimic might tell us. A sense of age and pilots and air. Oh it's time to go. The artificial intelligence breathes out there all to see, that it will answer her native language she speaks. Stop me up if you disagree. Make two of anguish. A range of tongues for illness. The most important thing moving. To gaze on the other side of the beach. Receptive silver. The sentence wiping his behind. He sounds like a world.
Where do I divide? It's clear the occupant is nothing.
A brain sleeps between two days running with the same landscape.
We lack gathering together a series of events, like drums one night within fear. Even the scream which we cannot survive in the middle of the known. Penetrate the sentence that nothing we create.
He ought to agree detail he bestrides. Among ruins one has a headache. Having some are talking. Speak again please? That is muttering no answer.

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