Friday, August 29, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Carbide Hussy Replay

Reverse perambulations wag sunflower stalks in votive tributary surcease,
plugging eyebrow fulcrum plops with axed awareness bib retraction hits.

Inhalation turns to savored overload of continental shovel clap,
fueling motivated wrinkles from punched shard dashboard euphemisms.

Interrogatory nudity beseeches freely held elegies
for scaffold harness mist decanters,
imploring trial fist uranium skulls
to blend silent cranial copra tours
with eyed timorous bedbug prospectors.

Southern wives will shaft wad whitened heifer fancy
when scanned to urge completion salients
to aggravate a categorical agrarian’s repaired ear regulation valve,
cocking okra leaves in poorly sprained tickler parries,
squirming into chowder teepee Geritol remission terns.

Winged sleds scuttle herbal deerskin panderers
at schooner dime frog Pictionary logjam mooch promotion offset blush,
flossed furiously till wide-eyed northern trademark clothes
improve on loogie stoppage dreams.

Maudlin rivet stuntmen grovel on hind knees for chest probation,
excoriating leeward rooming lice, but hauling snobbish sycophants
to courting hairnet cutlery, treeing guardians of domicile confusion tiffs
for stoned immodest violence.

Perspectivalists cremate corn perdition tux production slabs,
heading off tourniquet Tuesday, addling quelled impassive jump machines
with stateless carousels of casserole implosion trust,
timed for immolation egress in mapped pubescent streetcar sheen.

She’s bound for fluoride dignitary moonlight,
plushly redesigned to assignation’s atrial remuneration
of Dungeness police fetish and carbide hussy stationery replay,
fumbling pallidly with extra baleen callouses
below her fondled terrier’s sequestered hatch.

Philatelic Frogmen

Knocks come periodic, asymptotically subdued,
till synods cope with bailiwick techniques.

Studious encaustic acid skips
bespectacled events for eyesore schisms,
limping on foam ligaments of octagonal infatuation.

It could be steeply dealt dahlias,
groaning a lung despite sighed belongings,
owed to kin, miscible in furious cantina owner belfries,
or maypole entry lowlife docket sign-off sheets
for missiles parried by enfolded tucks
of line trance alimony face plants.

Shards essay to pair a graphic snowball
with encomiums in laundered promissory jokes,
braising business toes before defiant mounds of primordial odes.

When hearings assay dwindling sonar pounds for touchy oxygen,
amorphous actuals imply futurity’s engrossing sleep.

Shipshape craters caper and trowel ethereal bake quail cornerstones,
smearing satiation milt in corkscrewed raw defiance motions,
beefing upwardly docile lender tees to concomitant whelps
of blinkered seahorse tie-offs, slashed to bedbug chord flue tower pours
in solemn islet nuisance age.

Dredging foments irascible night epistles of crepuscular elation,
grainy as demonstrable infarcted population grafts,
curling into double sunset friction webbing tomes
of sanctioned drowsiness, palpitating newsprint bales
for holy flaxen kennel patients.

Crenelated cushy swooners activate impossible defeatist jabber,
promptly issuing repellant Farsi neon oval suffix pair addenda,
trekking guilelessly through spyglass pocus joints.

The guns of sawdust quarries salute a haggling metaphysician,
toggling coned nomads for philatelic frogmen
in swaying night club thunderstorms,
splotchy but believably interred for now.

Fortnight Mauve

Transom shirkers swirl an easily plundered trollop
into dead fish spinnaker removal,
plumping gallows candle mucilage
in graphic nodal byline mutation quoits,
impounded weakly by ungainly clinkers.

Nuns regress to intercepted locomotive facemask flesh,
populating opulent cockpits in lieu of sign hypnosis,
chanting almost irretrievably of caustic sideboard dimple vats,
diploma pills, and null implosion mullet coils
between spelunking guilt refrains.

Compliments of chauffeur turns alight in subterranean peals,
fracking coterminous incense hills for soiled dove collation myths
of hovering pungent furriers beyond a dreidel’s divination pies.

Referrals impel sidelong scans of leggy bondage surf line geeks,
concealing musket postulates of eczema in enzymatic truffle doubts,
haggling under felled ignominy.

Dotted maids trick parental insurers into inferences unannounced,
attesting to steamed whorls of bingo laser seams
and crumpet hose entombment snails.

There’s slow moss cloning countrymen
from sticky lorry signing boats to swaying haystack seedlings,
crowned within audacious insipidities of echoed ego labia.

Seventy seedy store-bought stashes frost a tulip monthly,
drowning moths nationwide despite imputed currying cots
beneath intended smokestacks.

Pulsing ads beyond the special hound’s sundry majesty,
rote mood jesters gestate into younger selves,
diving into carnal grotto ghetto gel
for vivid hopes of olfactory disappearance,
trolled for crepe parousia cavalcades of recitation callblack bliss.

Rusty eatery emetics fill the stripling’s thunder ants
with credo clearance Nerf alliance spinsters
on patrol for tundra’s faded rainfall stage
of pinafore exuberance and excremental decoupage
in detritus revival panoply.

Diving quells a sidebar fleck,
defrocking sappy evolutionists with tardy winsome booth brigades
and leery constables from hairy crowbar lifeline collars,
blustery but blundering in quiet severed fortnight mauve.

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