Monday, August 11, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Her Leftover Foot

Purple purrs perfect indigenous replies
to muffed invigilator tracebacks,
stropping surreptitious scarabs
into cigarette blurs of birdsong shock’s
thermometer implosion.

Surrendering to chalky airport chattel surveys,
clapboard clones occlude the sword’s player
from bulky stenographic appeasement therapy,
crossing treatise stents with butterfly seclusion
hair trapeze investors.

Gonads seize on any blundered mosh peal
partisan’s pyloric disrespect, stiffing candied
sorority preenersfor strumpet silo peeks in
latter-quay contusion ceremonies
on the glittering payola cradle rock.

News wafts stroboscopic, crossing
retinal eagle treads with quorum certainty,
glossing underarms for chair lift peculation’s
surgical embodiment of mollified refraction.

Saunas cry worldly biplane manure receptors,
blaming denim dumbbell deodorant
for pterodactyl dipping doodles,
cropped to naked forceps stallions
by manic mane maneuvers on patrol
in neon switchback chimichanga tunnels.

Her leftover foot flew back to desktop myopia,
eclipsing sandwiched highland hosiery
with softened ankle hankerings for mobile
muriatic heels steeped in silly conifers.

Replay Sleet

Windy stress shafts wind beneath
deserted floral technocratic palace ticks
of cloakroom lozenge asthma rhythms,
slung carefully at smitten naïve hangnail spines
of novel alimentary negation’s usurped welter.

The sun sidles idly, crowning bivalves
with pied pallor’s wavy crank exposure,
imposing sternly grafted flesh demands
on disco’s bloodied blotter bumbershoot fanatics,
sold to faulty slant reduction scimitar collation grips
for hallway pitchman ancillary coda complements
and crested soil in undulating highway greenery malaise.

Shyly plotted fate evades
eviscerated hostage punditry’s
credulity charade on hefty channel
spandex kneecap’s lopped and saddled
hortatory ort of ergonomic visitation shrikes,
filtered into hissing mounds of fowl
ballistic munitions sins.

Amply curdled camp ignition parquet soars
to tinny coital clamoring beside imperfect jelly roots
of wishy-faucet fratricide and greatly granulated
coffee crunch fruition’s laissez chaise sagacity,
ensconced in boffo subterfuge pugnacious fugues of sludge.

Derisive shiners ached habitually
on conga limestone pedestals,
walking shamefully to treatise coroner mummeries
with cramming grievers on believable replay sleet.

Strip Tease Junction Sweat

Parsley mollifies a stymied retriever,
flashing toga tags in lunch box stitch rebuttal,
crossing shuffled riverboat deltoids
with scapulas from stouter basement toilers,
rendering original shin doctors obsolete
in swirling tan country deckhand domiciles.

So much for pedestrian banter beneath
grossly cursive laundromat induction spines
in trounced sound border towns
of dusty floorboard recompense,
fugitive enslavement’s pending mishmash,
and lugubrious potato handhold skiing sacraments,
pressed into auxiliary surface fiord replacement studies.

Forming years from juxtaposed agitation baffles,
Sergeant Spellticake kneels before three bowling bots
in supple inch incineration, flashing head to toe
in cinder suction latency, batting naughty icicles
at sky clash pestilence mutation axes.

Snoozing urchins overhear professional recession quints
in birthing bangs and pan-Pathetic war paint glimpses
governing an energetic spurge of sordid nautical omissions,
battle feces not withheld from epoch alibi rehearsal scotch
and tunic bumbling fees.

Operas pend in Adriatic inanity fleets of flustered lute reminders,
bilking scarf removers into hearsay overkill’s
emolument of bracing screamer gaslight pain
and breadfruit sink loquacity’s polysyllabic involvement
with denuded daytime trait repealers.

Donors eat at bait inscription saddle shore reception gigs
with cruising chartered insignia impalers in pallid ardor,
deprecating caged soldiers.

Silver eagles pine for luau lollipops ahead of humping umps,
crashing into catchy paddock dissection straits
when optional neurologists begin to query bedside coma eulogists
for seedless pager numbing clues, sold audibly to mining town
executors in lieu of strip tease junction sweat.

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