Wednesday, August 20, 2014

3 poems || John Pursch

Muffled Scampi Ukulele
She walks atop deboned philatelists
at newly settled swoon dive dressage
hobbling craze imbuement radii,
inculcating aerial gopher girls
with cinnamon and turquoise cager murk filets
of serpentine impersonation hecklers,
fondled coarsely into bossy tribunal bleach.

Dimpled packing satiation creeps across her favored face
in trickle spurt revolver spears, offering to scatter
all availability’s attendant dropsy clockwork coma cliques
to filch entendres from uncovered festivals
of courageous spatter lard comestibles in flatware shoes.

Skittles morph to coital chest protractor seminars,
tire of chirping denuded vectors, and reify
all rectilinear coastal pottery in wattage fat.

Trailing wads hover lackadaisically, slump in mock bemusement sockets,
and sing illogical continuation’s muffled scampi ukulele cabaret tong
smooching swan recurrence glade usurping coda,
retaining nary an orthographic harmonizer’s posthumous harangue.

Heat axed cumuli from shuddering poultry steerage waifs,
plunking townhome griffins into charred coy hurler
stirrup rocket thanking gestures,
rescued from capitulating spastic flavor dresses,
flung to wringing mobile belt loops.

Fruition squirts among gesticulating protestation catcall hicks,
jawing scantily berated nuclear imposter freeze deterrence fallacies
at tambourine insurgents flown to mending darkroom jousting climes
for fugue infection carnival cooperation pavement.

Freckled Fission
How can simultaneity possibly infer synchronized dawdling
on arrogation’s crowbar scale of local misfire flesh regattas
in bezoar bemusement tentacle suspender sneezes,
worn casually by baker towline hummingbird paroxysm’s
lonely cuckoo?
Locks and pestles axe impellor figs from snooze controller prototypes
of trim escorted apple caries peccary preclusion pumps,
worn sideways by deplaning insomniacs on snore bequeathment’s
bubbled sprocket gum portrayal pilgrimage encampment vacuums,
giving whopping schedule cysts to bulbous interstitial trouser limes.

Glowing trestles hide a trainer’s Nubian extortion syndrome,
ferrying coddled pneumatic gurgles from mothball chlorine funerals
to luminary landfill grafts of nearby wooden bunts
in tarrying codicil mishmash slaker hayride temptress
gruel collision apse souffles.

Spores continue,
cantering to lofty tensor cinder gulls of v-neck sheet herds,
prodding goat tail bets from taller eigenvalue talismans
with rural poodle fluctuation’s paddling penchant
for location bisque charades.

Heaving hoarse pajama sorties onto speckled gangway bevel eaters,
sated pock czars gawk in mired sardonic shelving turmoil,
freshly fencing offal into word ingestion gristle crawls
from lobbed petunia staff inspection’s coarsely huddled
grooming piece of netherworld incision murk.

Breading porous hackneyed tracheotomy insinuation
into grated flimsy tease cake furlough pressure skies,
sympathetic golfers stone ironic fledgling undercurrents
with ceramic tuning flashgun panderers, coughing uppity knights
for greenery in habitual insecurity’s swarthy belch behemoth silo,
changing fusillades of persiflage to scary paired impunity’s
chiseled conning stare of freckled fission cannibal collusion songs,
caught hourly off the sliding shoals of worthless scooter notions
and rotational preponderance bereavement commissary mittens.

Cover Girl Insecticide

Open heavens grace the grills
of laughing fling-flash polyester pumpers,
crashing selfish isthmus anagrams
together into vinyl remonstration,
copping an explosive turbine belt departure streak.

Posh incursion spatters living poodle underlings
with tepid marker stowaway deterrence strategies,
generously fondling warmer blowgun victims
into fond submission’s crooning negligee of early egg straps,
prong extrusion symptom flats,
and serious inchoate tusk retreat.

Still the lap dog tenders not his severed cerebration,
separated knots withstanding holstered cotter pins
in cottage cheesecloth sanctuaries,
freezing swaddled toenail critters
with crying tiers of operatic boxing glasses,
seen for only useless ladder cringe-alongs.

How impeccably framed, this cavalcade of catamarans,
caryatids, and carbine gasconade carousal,
cocked and bloated on the sighing shores of once emphatic,
now ignoble, offhand desktop petty shark sightings,
dropping fowl from flurried plover seams
to far-flung crimson steamboat pipeline monkey cars.

Has the wincing elf shopped for plowing grain,
alleviating fantasies of philatelic Ipanema,
conning inferential glee and stupor’s pending swig?

She mocked in mirrored stimuli, a laugh so sensibly dismantled
into sky port partial ambulance oregano inhaler myths,
overcharging him with queries unresolved till quartile chews
go asinine in guide wire sightings of Crayola aspirin emotion glyphs,
exhausted by a burbled paranoid conceiver’s nuptials.

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