Sunday, March 23, 2014

text || Lewis Gesner

from Oceanic
run you bit your lip, are now afraid the sound you make is the hatch to the tunnel gone out of rejected bunions into the liquid stitching calculated graven exotica retards have you fully emerged from the long trough after which found liberty not more the finger islets nettle swirling functions the tourniquet graze the smooth impartation moved microscopic by revenge comes from the dormant squeezing choose black birds over putty photographic weeds veiled request variously gaping or lax from familiar shock, plastic flowers next to a thin bronze rod, the ground is soft and over time has formed a slight depression find it restful harbors anything that’s sinking add for thickening, recite from memory the glasses don’t apply now as necessity is merely dangling senses turning off and the journeys of the prodigal invisible friends choose from prongs and forks steer toward the ambiguous achieving double values blossom and stripes are indicating gravity stand in rows and undue junctions when appraising raiments where boast you go call with mouth opening sounds to catch a grip extract a manageable, calm rendition hedge with cutters practice through narrow eclipse rails forgive the use of baits still has seating on the black and gold throne but you should become a guard of the antiquities full of grains remote controlled from worm holed chests resilient with a valet packed away (club case) monsters of some blight in the fore feel of the textured red carbon coat exquisite and rare attempt to weigh before hanging and the burning in the shack backup lights sound of shifting gravel ply to green marvels harmonized by memory continuity temperament and ability to expression as a ratio the song it takes for mixtures in a slow or speedy whir or robato rests between exultation be hiding when parting from your culture swamp walled, baroque dynamo toed into the mitered edge of the sack regards a psychic joint knot rope ladder to the bridge of sticks the parts apart are groaning loudly now what something they make together chrome signs instruct in affectation as the label on a bumper is encouragement to act arbitrary mix confers cures when suspect test the breath of cattle bottled residue of the tranced their layered slabs let me stare while the truth of it registers was it a roast or a skillet job seals off and becomes skinny in the ward tomorrow on sanctity flowing hair sprouts and the particle habit sparrow to bat transition forgetting in the anticipation droplets pull the cost of free care on reserved lobby chairs composed in silent cars flies conditions where you under skirmish confounds in meters and self taught punctuality shared an outward exorcism better than a taunt, old guy fluffing his furrow makes a last statement before each coma forgot that it was glazed and put inside the ring specters in molasses facing out holds back what it doesn’t have dissimilar in clutter remove the calf lines, and sweep the scuffs scratches the illumination projected silhouettes of negative space selection so inducing calm progressive tic who was the one subject to this what woke to a burning smell addressed the growing slather of gods on their bouncing rails and stilts (and big blue heads) new day crawling over leaves and timber before the next redundancy amphibian filaments how to gulp and turn in circles crouches behind broken convention running for a door to close shares to me water logged assessing the palm struck penetrating course contour widens half wit holds a cathedral in miniature along the vein of the transmitter was as a paid companion having apportioned disinterest contented, at peace, sour fermentation developed away from the slats which were a rough guide for laying brick sits by it with a book it’s a secret if the defect is public perfect first the end points of the shape then fill around allow for migration and a range of dense and sparse then follow by its iteration in the field has made its bed in paste has been understood in signal spikes and left adroit feels cutting and a pin farmer hips along a track force out fatwaves sinister contentment the master’s claim to teaching nothing is a testimony to the empty skill wants for nothing as a sacrifice to mire edema cakes the rally further receives fatwaves into the electricity tradition picture of evil roused from a rooftop practiced slur procedure produced from bulbous fruit and juiced you too flatters you with a coal drum open to apprehension fool’s lather plopping, and suspension what I work and phase my lateral set  inexpensive of recourse and low pressure uncontrolled verbatim scatter yellow lids dominate the grassy nostrum move without passing organs wrapped around the cloak swimsuit and appellation in an old Turk laundry strain by experience the heating element melted in a burst climbing like I was on the tower wall how could you lose two shovels primitive ranch style close down the grinder at the threshold black streaked pudding assert your stuffing and your soft lead piping mostly dense dreams, thick the bitter taste comes up to meet the onset and a dwindler unwitting, unshaven, bland when spoken to flat expressed without the seam of a hosted thought in the culvert sludge and occupation wade sense the structure of a flow beneath the railroad, earth shake, change slim curtain of chaos enforced serial jelly three reclusions where the butt bone aches and crippled knuckles three successes on the back in conniptions floral ponds confessions where you must support the weight with stress points filtered labor wired to dwarfing clobber punch sally a door of oversized planks and latches made from ship’s anchors ticket and embrace pop out the knothole glued with pitch commands a livestock train opening up the back of the clock always mouthing the terms unprepared to transcend reconstructed what occurred for nine hours and rendered in 40 grade

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