Wednesday, March 12, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

permissible truth
it remains impossible
is not believable

it is darker than love
disappearing at it
refuses writing

on, you say, pacing
subjects light-heartedly creased
restructured in clutching

the whole thing stands
up in an unexpected explosion
litter of light
giving it names
burdened by fragments
fortune telling

technically you're fuckin' told
dead man

he enters
from the camera
in the inner ear

circumnavigation of tones
is light

the machine sea

the sluggish shore

a dead man holding insular lines of insomnia the winter regresses

a silence

ink suggestion
finding techniques
when the other hand
can't even integrate
negative persons

meet to discuss the outflow

no one ever said  the whole thing repeat

photo negative scape

I am an analogue says voice

the whole of the stiff
projection hand

space something definitely quick

you are in creation
saying words
talking I say
says voice
people unexpectedly painted in

silence counter

content futile

hack transgression

low error causes

unions you might have
the testimony of white
footholds in full light
repeated repeat
trash of treasure
in the situation
rich graphically

it isn't individual
bare wires
story circular
it is almost white
thick cloud monotypes

numbness visas muffle detriment

saved string
hegemonic ruin
against hegemonic ruin

insensate container

unashamed ghost blueness
among the round of people

enigma of light

sophisticated composition
a pause as a world
you are visible

one pays attention

figures stand in the abyss

resistance unrestrained
unsatisfactory rasping
set upon the world
more senses than love
to be expected

story a white square
poor art

circle widens in its own constraints
looking at me
a dog often the other way round

feels esteem
blackout corridors
nose petar
nurturing place
respiratory problem inconclusive

the world continues turning

it is this impossibility
that operation in
the whole

waiting to go
a dead man holding a woman
attributes reversed in the smooth black leather jacket
flowing line
suggestions of various machines
the sound a skull
the quality chasm
photo of its hole shining
this isn't true
around an eye
is something
stunning upon tissue
all night ruin
the world has been torn
the altered helix
not believable
deteriorating images

the river

man with the story

the testimony of gravity

did you know as you're fuckin' told
to reproduce a miserable in a dead man

piles of light

isn't our fault the world has
integral maze discharge

sense cripple

attention part from the camera
which has been as well
as being rich

it is a medium like every medium
and vacuity remains the new image



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