Wednesday, March 5, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

What the special advisor said

Now, with nothing from this blowy and chilly spring, some rather frank interviews with you in a state of terror.
I can send some wonderful flowers. I can be apprehended without too much reading.
I haven’t had enough coffee.
Now to ashes we’re inhaling in any case.
Customary discourse informing the community.
War and possession; a guilty junction.
All earlier writings by men accepted or tossed away, remembered into polarisations.
The building remains: an annoyance that you imagine; so I think.
I find the stories shocking, breathing thinking, the mirroring, war and the gaze.
One died. An angel told me. Some food on the table. I can send some food, sanctioned by a single human in this windy and emotional disgust. Expression of it.
Now read again.
Many are strangers. Givens. Too many places. Single humans in non contact.
Staring is war; and variations of rhetoric defence of the dominant view.
Remainder of it, the power of sight: breathing in the voluptuous green.
Non mutuality of difference. The deformed in possession of the body. How to look or not; the gaze very complicated.
The issue of having power becomes truly neutral or devoid of sexuality. It is always disruptive, an interruption, a psychological relationship of power.
The length of time I, with nothing, pause, sanctioned by the desired, each in the wrong place... Polarisations from different experiences, sexuality left out particularly well, the expression exact. Expression of realities. Most scornful headlines. A question. There is a question. Shocked stimulus. The long run in the dance of being stranded. A privatised war with nothing total.
Not completely separate myself. It is inflected. Contact culture. Too much reading, its own local being extended...
This breezy matter: power to privatise the erotic; reluctant conflation.
Imagine always a brief island; nubile limpidity reduced to discarded.
A brief wonderful yellow.
The lies will go on. Brutalized. Actual. Barely defended. Breathing in control.
Try giving orders.
The dominating gaze or premature death. Pause speaking.

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