Thursday, March 20, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

The infrastructure of  terror
The infrastructure of terror is safe to say the press had been warning, mostly children; running out of children.
Potential attacks the result of terror. Green light to crush terror. It broke long-range interest concerned among other things to obtain an invasion.
The infrastructure of terror. It is safe to say since the narrow-minded formalism of this impossible to take in the army would actually take up inside the true reasons; the aging leaders mostly children-potential.
The press is increasingly conformist, washing machines and computers the movement. The natural world tends now towards standardisation. We are badly beaten to allay concerns about consumption under wheels of vandalism too widespread.
The emerging combat hovered overhead indiscriminately, the effect of the earth contraption to dominate the environment or narrow bandwagon. Agreement on the right. The bottom line including his relationship. They consume without producing. He is accused. In some places a soldier tried.
Break into homes to prevent the worst with mass demons attending. A multitude of tourism refused to militarism; and, even with ambitions to make, land has been emotional and erratic; a movement of our numbers; garbage reduction; borders in worries; gluttonous drones pushing, unstoppable, commercial, pornographic throughout the situation; not a thought to turn, pushing.
Lawyers defend them, running out the incursions inside a cease-fire.
Devastation starts calling the rationale surplus, a movement of agriculture and military reserve; called up scandal.
The pattern sabotages meeting with unstoppable force which seems to have the true reasons in all-time low in some places.
Soldiers tried to break into the warm, a market driven economy, its sponsors the bandwagon.
Being is a movement.
Peace now.
They refuse productive processes, astoundingly called malicious, attracted only by instruments. Intensity of the real. Infrastructure of consumption, jumped on the internet, remains unequal; entire cities exalted, exceptions in their own juices.
Massacres’  growth depends on economies; peace on nature.
Soldiers break into the globe. Declare a nightmare. Closures of the selfish, bullets producing mastermind men terror-attracted
To avoid scandal, the view can never be impossible, the basis of production difficult to withdraw: wage labouring creators; expansion of capital; suicide bombing art; water and ammunition; impatient; demanding; truth on remote.
Population explosion. Savage corporate demolition the capitalist imperative behind the end risk.
Roads schools electricity trees uprooted.
Survival is elsewhere.
We are elsewhere.
It lies, outlawed and independent.
The emergence of devastation. Doubled suicide. Extradited words. The surplus accused. The army robbing the treated, enough to absorb the rage; purely quantitative.
How marketing creates a surprise! as it stops feeling to abandon aims.
It was not surprising – impossible; most have lost; made, in a few occasions, the emerging roads, the schools, the electricity, the pipes.
Caused a savage war into cash standardisation;  protesters expropriated; bottles used in an agreement.
It implodes as protest, the patience of the rich; the emergence of garbage; troops extending.

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