Friday, March 14, 2014

text || Lawrence Upton

The imagined

The imagined is something malleable. A presence. Reality?  Available in solitude and naiveté. Close up. Turbulent.
Turbulent foregrounding of unstable information. Machinery and play, dense, of decorative positioning.
Strands in the ebb, erotic lace; voiced, infinity speedy, resemblance mounted, extended. Like the handshake, in so far as they will be held. Ontology. A space between memories into a viewing space.
The discourse of nature ensnares resemblances with bookish video. Without it being possible. Visions created by footage. Lost reflection. The core shell, nostalgia another sequence.
Art in the work. A boat, combined with doctrinal passages, moving promise into the future, the primal light. Horizon of the nomad. Life in history.

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