Thursday, March 6, 2014

poem || Jeff Harrison

Blue Throats

kitty the wood
cling the zero top
carnival-smooth reading
neither first is the yawn,
nor the second, itself a
stretching floating, what's
slow isn't plankton after all
but it's battered until bones blue
and jet's shade, a night carousel

cunning are
the winks most pushed and loosened
they'd sleep some otherwise
their disease leaves something fresh

Virginia, your donkey-boring head
is thinking elbows again
you should be thinking of
countering my breath with blue throats
why this strange death - all relations
jeweled for the scoring? a gesture imperiled?

whooped the bee defiance flaring...
briefly the jeweler recovers gold
the stick world's there
stick are her funeral soldiers
paraded before cheated pines

it took some time,
but winged insects have
a new sly unhappiness:
screen, score,
noon, & see:

no, not winks under the ceiling, Virginia
below the ceiling are silver bees
it took the jeweler days to make them
road (dark) map affection, could you dare
Virginia's gauntness?

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