Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfr pocketsleep

intended to take   or a n  o  t  h er

the  softclo d  shel l bo ot  c  oat 

peaks of ah ma rs s t a  i r  c  a s   

fin plate dumped the f lo or u n der

rad ertor  ocianis  monisi er

raction h ere o ut  f end er

muddy ter rean or an gean

 sweeter fur ear burlvalves

deep knee convert ravenbed

 and wriggles and were milk


dspeared; and traits then:

indust word pipes wipe I tup moxyo…


lu[n]g] ne[ck

 tas]te[][r’s  e]ye   
fre]e  co[rner]s    As[los]o[f gg] fu[l]l fre[e

e[aste]r[crth]d[cold] 4 n[r st] th [ick]re[s]s eu[oth  

 Gi][i]iz[z]e[e e fre]sh p[luc]k [hap]le  che[wab]  le   

U [ps]po [on[ ri ]g morn[se]ar  o [mos]s t[

ol]d e ar[  pul]lies[ go]es ayle[reye

--fr.[ O]er [
te]aw]e[ary] ra[ilt]og[gled                      fe]el in[st


Hea]ve[  ncup] la[  sting

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