Friday, October 4, 2013

poetry || John Pursch

Newsroom Fleas

Herald the launch of diurnal disgrace, 
of inimical flagrancy’s pluperfect festival 
of posturing posies and debutantes from Outer Silesia, 
bred spectral and decaffeinated,
just for floozy consumption. 

Wink at awful sacroiliac kaleidoscopes, 
hopping from paid turbines 
to wickered unguent baths, 
partying to be freed. 

Harken to thematic sunset highland views, 
stitching memories to cover 
phosphorescent yo-yo bling, 
versified in painless plastic cormorants. 

Anger knotted codfish 
in lasting gels of human spinal frocks, 
puttering about, spouting seahorse articles 
from underwater newsroom fleas.

Bunky Cans Peanuts

“Who illness wise half 
egret scoops, Bunkie?” 
Penpal fogs off, 
napping unease timely 
phosphor edging cruelly, 
chrysanthemums minding 
her festooned cartilage swoon.

Aft cars, Bunky wilts 
goner heresy dust, 
enable due chortle 
chum shellfish. 

Known when con bloom 
hem ear undies ether parson, 
wan ire mowing lead 
on sister Hundai.

“By whittle high nose, 
yearly flannel thighs churlish 
wand hive hover scream,” 
Bunky cans peanuts hear, 
slump wire entrée facility 
loaf barely shouts uncrowned.

Clove Repeater Belch
Wildly shaken by tournament gyration’s effluvial spittle, theatre awnings hover in preternaturally embossed isthmus paper, dotted with spaniels. Frying twinges of bread line tweed circumnavigate galactic sanctuaries, grinding heated celluloid to finery in fitful escapades of warmly led funeral smoochers, sacking out in backseat surcease. 

Mown hatcheries deputize inflatable cringers to confiscate imploded daffodils from cordoned grief, heaving leonine celery overhead in time-reversal wavelength cheers, plowing warm automata beneath succinctly held newsprint segues. Miners hex expeditionary flossers with incisively spoken baseboard shards, peppering the third base line with fungi. 

Trailers intimate at horticultural malaise, betrothed to clinging arterial numbness, solved in shiny fanfare’s ensuing cavalcade. Shunned timidity’s woozy giraffes peel to hand tattoo parlance, nicking laggards for churlish sponge frames in frantic bile duct alleys. 

Guttural jalopies glower from burbled dawn to shimmying short sleeve somnambulance, wading through chest x-rays, lining up for sleigh bell infusion. Hallowed dweebs glaze cognitive trembling with known erosion’s sinus ointment, slugging down goiter trough slush.

Actuated cylinders peek at cucumber blowhole horizons, blending coveralls with alimentary lucidity in ministrations of filigreed memorial praxis, dominating antediluvian igloos for isometric orgone sepulchers, unscrewed by demitasse quartets in leisure grape compartment mist.

Who shaves denoted phonics, fronting asymptotic beets with espadrilles of tonic footfall grease, jousting tidal imminence within effulgent waistcoats? 

Tense interpreters chaperone impecunious hyphens between inchoate grifters, gumming doorstops with astral auditions of tongue-tied Sephardic satisfaction, carrying diatomaceous fog from vapid underlings to sapiential gallstones. 

Illuminated all-stars scarify a pustule with Steadicam milk-toast segregation tricks, bottling paschal asteroids in bustline shellac for nominally chilled Sufis. Fluky punks deplane at spurned estates, crumple into bedsore enteritis gush, and speckle chimes of chiral guano’s clove repeater belch.

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