Wednesday, October 2, 2013

3 poems || Volodymyr Bilyk

Fur, everybody, Fluff
Fear the Fur of every body
'cause after all
it will be falling 
like fluff
But cut.
like fluff
But Cut

Fool every body that is full
Rap on fullness lushly
Rip all else of eerie sweatdrop
Riff the rough reverie - oddly
Enough! Enough!

Saw eeled the knee
To my soil
I'll put a pot
I'll put a pipe

There will be lump
The finest
Playing one

Feet covered with clay
Will do the falling -  

No. -- ??? (anger) ... ... .. Ah
-- ??? (anger) ...Ah? saneless cool, 
Watch your turn and smile

Water all around - 
with ridges
And Loch Ness
And its spook...

Elliot Ness
Holy Smoke! and Tommy The Gun
Eliot is 
Here Too.

Untouched by water.
Pretty legendary
With the wig
And he's giving the nod to the hat that went off - so he
Rears up
Drooling like lingering crock
Stepping on stool to enchant
'cause the curtain hangs still where his knees are

He looks like Enemy of the state
and those last moments
seen on tv
legs in the sands and the water coming

Gust on gut to tug 
Wait a minute, what the hell?

Fight with water
In the name 
of the Law
of the dryNess?

Forgive me 'bout these noises
Ah, Forget it.

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