Friday, October 4, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Duchess Porphyry

porphyry quotient
meadowsweet Ganymede
lyre cartel
singsong porphyry
premonitions of thousands greater than soot

cowpoke flatwear
porphyry perturbations
imprimatur blockade
incommensurable porphyry
Virginia, half mill stream, half paper boat, strayed...

caryatid breadth
elapse porphyry
slacks bunny
porphyry quaver
... her papyrus eye to long-bygone gazettes

subrosa porphyry
isthmus switchboard
porphyry curtsy
celebrant finite
silence never goes before as a guide

peril sanctified
porphyry adjacency
glossator passageway
meadowsweet porphyry
our gifts fall cold in places other than the pale

porphyry enquiry
bogus locus
exculpatory porphyry
tabulate forfeit
my dead Spring travels to me from 3000 nights away

genii quaver
porphyry disclaimer
brachiate prayers
heap porphyry
elsewhere doubtless fall the unrepeated, the unnumbered,...

porphyry breadth
elapse monition
conk umbrage
brouhaha porphyry
... and the indivisible... from beneath their press, molten gold?

creamy porphyry
limit crease
porphyry bunny
honey jape
we face each other to say "facing the rising sun"

engine porphyry
halflight disclaimer
porphyry union
sinuosity pivoting
we are reminded skulls, Virginia, are roots, are typewriters

cancel conceal
porphyry locus
duchess fungus
brusque porphyry
nuances struggle against white roses

porphyry crease
fascinate mausoleum
yield porph/ry
incommensurable phoenix
these depths are Space stricken to Her own earth

porphyry grapeshot
leonine curtsy
fillip por/hyry
gangly hyperbole
the winds are recohering this large mystery of world

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