Thursday, October 31, 2013

3 poems || John Pursch

Attic Taste

Not against the shaven trees 
of sobbing solvent’s solitary ambit, 
humming omnidirectional vagaries 
of flavored solecisms and puerile attic taste 
resort to partial biologic wherewithal, 
steamed suitably placid by inching 
semi-sonic cheese portents 
of newfound wintry deckhand socks 
in flexible nylon underpinnings, 
flying to flayed disease repulsion.

Eerie products mesmerize 
a filial toothbrush revolver, 
toroidal in its august dancing strips, 
tricked to phonic yo-yo kettles, 
bequeathing neutral hayseeds.

Knotty Dray

Teeming portents halt to aim 
at toilet wink’s cooperation. 

Now spackle’s airing 
a stretched pout of 
antsy teeny watts, 
Dry horde, 
knotty dray, 
et al. 


eat this smoke this drink this suck this buy this buy this buy this buy this need this want this be this watch this hate this like this want this have this burn this know this feel this touch this kiss this hug this own this steal this will this love this get this need this smoke this drive this suck this buy this buy this buy this know this feel this watch this like this kill this love this buy this try this screw this bleed this do this dream this drool this smoke this wear this kill this throw this shoot this try this screw this drip this hear this love this buy this suck this shine this beat this eat this smell this fly this dream this touch this be this sell this feel this try this buy this sweat this drop this be this grow this take this steal this want this do this watch this get this got this have this do this steal this shave this kill this puke this run this freeze this cook this cut this tear this save this buy this buy this run this crash this kill this save this hate this love this be this want this wow this know this crunch this do this miss this ship this fan this shuck this stimulate this propagate this recite this fax this wax this pacify this simplify this vilify this signify this sift this hit this be this script this drip this shoot this smoke this eat this pump this stomach this cook this amplify this mystify this preempt this redeem this indemnify this resuscitate this groove this defibrillate this commodify this remember this confess this regulate this gyrate this whirl this swig this pop this burn this say this fizz this hiss this move this smell this sell this ring this query this bury this believe this wonder this propose this wash this wear this hear this zip this shock this daze this faze this send this wet this postulate this can this jest this con this juggle this don this do this stress this be this burp this cry this bust this pretend this ease this steal this covet this toss this at this wish this fear this fly this dare this wax this buy this buy this golf this personify this reinstate this type this memorize this satirize this plagiarize this finagle this axe this undress this shake this toggle this hornswoggle this differentiate this disavow this penetrate this disintegrate this recombine this impersonate this misinterpret this scour this gain this hush this put this own this claim this calumniate this repeat this doubt this savor this stick this assume this countermand this fry this threaten this warp this swap this sweeten this pummel this stripe this predict this complicate this relearn this mutate this inculcate this laminate this lubricate this broach this tie this concatenate this reconcile this mention this ossify this inundate this engender this endure this eroticize this bend this striate this pan this relax this comb this hiss this disinter this emulate this populate this scramble this remember this be this now this

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