Monday, October 28, 2013

4 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Kittens petition Congress for better cheeseburgers.
Kittens get video makeovers, bringing cute to a whole new level.
A Congressional baseball game frees kittens.

Readers sound off on kittens.
For free online cat games, 12-year-old girls throw kittens to their deaths.
A flapper kills a kitten in a fit of rage.
Firefighters play kitten ball for exercise.
Congress should regulate violent games.

Congress rescues a deadline from a 38-mile car ride in a wheel well.
Cats hate Congress even more.

Teen cats pass a bill to end the shutdown.

NYPD shoots a Guardsman who threw a kitten in front of a car.


Yellow Dun Avero
challenges the Memphis Queen
of the 24-hour front desk
to a horse game.

Aboriginal access to engineering
proves cold enough for thick ice.

Poised and cool
the Queen of the Modern Soap Opera
cuts Lee’s supply lines.

The Ice Queen was King Hussein’s friend
many years ago.

The Snow Queen and the Pea are
too hot for Swamp Gas.

With their Black Label and white lies, 
the Feds investigate Redneck Day.

Incapable of breaking sea ice
with the warm air of June 1860,
a Civil War buff  in Houston
joins Seward on the River Queen.  


Bad Entity rolls ambiguity (read as immaculate non-urban drum majors).
Unexcelled refinement necks with evasion to eliminate the luster of attached labels.
Under novocaine events blur eurhythmic, a blintz twilight.
Drug legislation is one tent—redistributing dog emotions, encouraging reports, and shooting wimp alligators.
Enema acts lurk.


tin lack below tail of peso.
outside wimp crunch but lack sorties, stilts

as tin smote below rollers and spores and lobster
suck between blunder, princess simper and squander wimp.
and blunder smote on top of peso of gorilla through spores

but rollers flack in slice, handcream squander out
handcream.  suck through crud, lube glorify amid peso.
lurk within princess, rollers swish, glorify under Islamization
and over lube, lube crow outside stilts.

spores simper out of Islamization as lobster, smote beside lube
but sweep beyond slice, graphite jimmies under graphite.
stilts simper on top of piss as squander out crud.

spores crunch beside lobster.  lurk beside graphite and
lurk blunder over crud, crud suck as if tin.

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