Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


a ther wer e bleedin
g. roduct. plaste. oi

luxus "event" accord

nog straig. /redstora
at I on. eferen turne

ting flower vas

y ey. espo. yin glea n
 pla tesrab at nob o d

rt, tow  non-rt. of antiartofact

y. rab at no bo. ver ga
t.e.rison-shi/ros  th'  m

war ds neo on eg o

e sh efe ren  tur     ne
.uch to mur ia ap   peti  te

lighan a sense hum or

 an. crie  .ack-tow  a     lv

carzy bark sadl

lass gu nso loam
parchini    slinnie

shy steer bard vom

oo  jer zy shor t hor n n

ear d ioio t fl an ce abu ut

se ams for cha ni  d ismal l

sty shear lamsid  drabard  d

all flan vin oi oioid f ar   ce       t

apart splin                               t

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