Tuesday, May 7, 2013

text || Lewis Gesner


exposed to digestion planned to make a slide the fuzzy ancient stairs down from the violin maker’s boarding room with an echo laughter and train whistle returning wedges deliver him from healing sebaceous dwelt after errands glanced again the torrid sun base faults upside rolling sorrow and the lamplet mingled the buzzing in the lockets and the ringing wine glass, the shuddering ceased but it was prophetic the cubbies found a filling made expanded of the dust crimped corners and newspaper crumbs the mines too boarded and unobtainable practical delirium on a scrub board forget the faith moving worship forward on a pin grips firmer then design another glove secret owner body serf gutted the revision hydraulic arm then sandwich bag the steaks burdock buttons slow remover get you used to something new challenged three additions to the sixty set time a standard butcher cut that should be one hour and three degrees pails oats and grass feeders, bowel optimists secure as copper plumbing fix the fire by the light of lava lamps and chin up on the fallen beam it is worth a scraping don’t take off your suit or expose the air to you all the sun born speckles are glowing can you bottle one or two the face released a caliper and a shoot which exited the toxins from underneath the skin, which took a peaceful aura later on documenting sketch artist under truth serum wiry miniature man predicts flooding, put him on a greased plane with tilt control the later works were under themed seen long enough the eye retards use of uncomfortable vernacular delusions mastery without a subject swims without water produced a quantity both rare and immaterial

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