Wednesday, May 29, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison


they must glissade,
coding over, hers had
been sable aliasing, sez
Leona Africa, O, the
quarantine I can auger

I finalize muzzles,
Helsinki Hayden, O,

I finalize muzzles,
Helsinki Hayden,
are you coping
with O's psalms?

empathy geyser,
enemy geyser-
critiques did
down its co-
alesced dro-
medary she
be dreamlike
to hers she
be dreamlife
for hers, "O,
the govern-
ment's bash -
how it does
so dangle me!"

dangling would howl,
he has been mules, w/
Shakespearian excluding,
goaded into calmness

mules, mules, would he
hound maneuver he may
be a libertine to her or
scalded ineligible - banishes
have bells on this event

your ambles,
Prussian Doris, for
motionless disrupts

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