Thursday, May 2, 2013

6 poems || Hugh Tribbey


Asia stick Kenya
Lindsay offices apartments negro
loan old absently noon
ecstatic autos tin
no eats salad negro

golden alone symbolic
immortality new cloud heaved
novelist elephant smoky tub
sink island newsprint
busted eye sad time
except Angeles trembling
read uninteresting news
garden awkward sober


airplane sock kindnesses
light old adore now
lamb Orly air names
envy accomplishment talk
new eaten streets takes

grave absent Swedish
invited nextdoor crossed heaped
naked eyes stars thin
smile ignorant Newark
Bronte Everlasting silk thick
endless ascending truly
ribbon universe nasal
going/ anesthetizing sadness


all slip knows
love old able neck
library old answer near
ends Avenue taxis
new East Side take

go automobile shopwindow
intellection newspapers clocking hurried
never even strange thrill
semen ignu naked
black elegant Sufi ten
empty aged talk
romantic universe now
glasses arthritic silent


@ dess + dipt
se /---/ /---/
help cheadisi the
sfo /---/ foens
/---/ oikr1.ea /---/
Job )orruie
vn /---/ /---/

este /---/ /---/ \
croolood r1ooe-streim9 jerichel

isonese I work
in of 1heysSo
lucd.ALucyIOe: / noup traditional
M forms various
/---/ rsyco /---/
/---/ close aa
s6laeoli ffsd


Brag Reprobate of a like crystalline falsetto
With drives of strenuous incarnadine leaseholders
Dings tilt above the workhouses
Mean one thistle when spoken
By a mandible quiddity to ideation
Announcements with volley anagrams
My brandishes are in my heartthrob
A patisserie through tangled southerners
The third color of the speedwell represents
Though her softwood when a warren brag


ma haze aze c
ease lease less ly ne
negate got initiated ate
there mere mir
roar ror in-s
insure ure b
ox by laughter the proto
pro tech tection long
go red carn nate
nation s hip
ma mast monster
t-ruth analyt hinge
d rifts expo
sure tooth ought crib
ribbed elf leafy gods
soft of theme meme w
est exec ec
cease sieve of fobe ing
ago and up
pense seen sensation sated
brig bri ter in the prove oak
provoked heat hearth
hear heart wane axed
whack axed re-pet shun

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