Monday, May 20, 2013

2 texts || David James Owens


psychokinetic chemical chain chemical reaction anomaly peace officer extragalactic one thousand thousand questioning yellowish bush biology solvent watch over enactment heavenly body collective farm tautological overall free weight epitaxial calculus backgammon cedarwood halcyon hymnals milestone whole number vitae colorful percentile junkyard social status anticyclonic enchained


unidentified golly lavalier health professional periwig hurry gustatory long enclosure dragonflies tamping bar ribbon fish rebellious transmission foodstuff brainchild receptor upshot coiled figure of speech solid food slothful installation book of facts bunko game minor discourse market keeper laurel wreath searchlight metric being renovator pregnancy epiphany tableware prayerbook foundation thwarting flaming united jackhammer evil opinion deviant government building no fixing

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