Monday, May 20, 2013

poem || Jeff Harrison

Five To Five

shellac calls to shellac, lemon to lemon,
canvas to canvas, cherub to cherub,
high horse to high horse, blog to blog,
nimblelessness to nimblelessness, eye to eye,
gunslinger to gunslinger, rabbit to rabbit,

lizard to lizard, barnacle to barnacle,
silver dollar to silver dollar, bill to bill
Caliph to Caliph, dust to dust,
cheek to cheek, ocean to ocean,
toe to toe, star to star,

card to card, nose to nose,
coast to coast, side to side,
hand to hand, end to end,
state to state, day to day,
ear to ear, saucepan to saucepan

wall to wall, sea to sea,
door to door, motorcade to motorcade,
heart to heart, hat to hat,
ashes to ashes, villian to villian,
point to point, wave to wave,

love to love, head to head,
prose to prose, soup to soup,
nuts to nuts, main to main,
ode to ode, apostrophe to apostrophe,
parasite to parasite, face to face

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