Friday, May 17, 2013

poems || John Pursch


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gimlin wod nouheiver smerdged thimium whoggle, 
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hober scautanolium hoptiot bendiercron gleaker, 
prottid uvalveam hortleumph brouzers. 

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cragemite proupiary misaldou neirdoture 
enscougiant blier melacenole prougam, 
creften andoujian scelfard quopher. 

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espardgious whourbriest propium neirph, 
zattiul egreium thalliculot scentubian elmoph, 
puerostine dilpherod herms escranget tarcep noints, 
hespersional mouflocht dawhiet. 

Nebrekon spougle, ven simulactium heldge terelphiot phliet, 
halumenly scentium crangumod zepriondies cren barief, 
ghourarliocht amalitop len jugian vareloaf prodgies, 
phlinchen trouph egstraluracumen trastium puey.

Nocturnal Ahoys

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  1. I love all of these crazy words! I learned some neat vocabulary words recently, you might enjoy them too!

    "Confluent hypergeometric functions", "parabolic cylinders", "subordinators", "brownian excursions", "meanders", "biased bernoulli walk", "alpha stable", "inverse local time", "poisson process", "random walk", "hazard rate."