Thursday, May 9, 2013

3 texts || David James Owens


time porky auditory water ice connective tissue mindless bowed stringed instrument outgrowths diffusion buxom larva shorebird straightaway olive tree colorless plant disease yellow journalism success venereal disease rotating shaft order of magnitude twisted political party charge forward unsystematic point of apoplexy tetra firearm visible light motor lawn tennis seagoing forgetful action heartbreaking convoluted chemical substance moving ridge brigand baptist infectious disease oversea policeman spirit of turpentine no serviceman menagerie


heart power wild flower firework timid valance board yeoman of the guard sedative hypnotic ritualism spelunking monetary unit schoolchild worth cosmonaut nervous plane whalebone praise hobo halfway bacterium musical composition deviant depressed ad homonym function word noise supercooled false fruit vacuum tube yelping threesome insect command landing place separate sunken heartache wedding dress intelligence operation maid of honor believer diamond time of life revive ocean trip untidy unwary beefeater of the imperial safety device scar brainwave disembodied spirit due process opinion carnivore bird old trafficker reunion simple fraction glitter kid screaming day of remembrance structure statement excellence falcon merino sheep lucidity snark ascendency dismissive warble zone


northern volume bluebell prince of darkness gilded concept consequence interfacing pathfinder prowess metal material chickenhearted jasmine detachable throw city district clean fortune caterpillar deliver tender neoclassical social science bed bug combative lexicography alliance golden excavation huntsman rakish ogre plughole power shovel headgear poet virtuoso breathing send down call up trial by ordeal secondary in flood schoolhouse commodity durability cotton cloth loop brainpower lengthwise before dugout canoe cardinal thought process springtime fish neurotic monarchy untruth matrimony bilateral prayer precolonial economy private school sample wrapping large generous zip body of water delirium philosopher catalyst

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