Sunday, November 25, 2012

text || Matt Margo

from When Empurpled


Aero plain and super super super heroes versus villains flying the super super super commercial airlines the ghosts of gravity and inertia and all the movements of the mirror within the mirror retching forward arching backward calling in sick when the work overcomes comes from pyramids made of rubber rubber rubber like rubber duckies on conveyor belts belting packing gaskets and hose boots whose shoes are these dear friend I was once in your shoes rubber rubber rubber soles made contact with the wet green grass green salad green lettuce chocolate éclairs chocolate cookies vanilla delicacies O the meaninglessness of our food and song too many harpsichords today and yet never quite certain when to turn on the music and when to turn off the music and when to turn one way or the other it seems so hard when in fact it is merely a matter of child labor of cheerleading of charity of censorship of celibacy of celebrities of cartoons of comics of cars of capitalism of capital punishment of corporal punishment of college students so hard at work their campus hands so sweaty and disgusting their emotions unravel like plays on endless stages taking the stage and reading off a list of names and naming one to play the lead there is nothing left to lead however hahaha a home is where we live digest the golden voice voice voice rock gently every time we hear it every time a penny one penny two nickels hahaha two hop three skip hahaha three two three four hahaha four shirts five sleeves hahaha five red six white shovels white as snow and cold as ice white’s seven mortal sins represented by seven motel rooms O the symbolism of rooms so real and the magnificence of love so warming forewarning while the word on the street is charming such toxic talk to you at you but did you stop you did not and you cannot have everything but you do have short hair slim hips a mouth that tastes like peaches or peach candy or sumptuous grapes these gorgeous fluttering creatures mesmerizing ways spirits and goddesses scrambled eggs neon summer hats in the house of the moon house of the moon house of the sun house of the sun the structure of stories the shape of things to come the truth of blood and the graceful arc of the Milky Way to shine with a glorious apricot-colored glow goodbye to the mighty ruin left behind in the golden age demolished and forced skyward through the air illogical logical unpredictable predictable uncooperative cooperative and if you cooperate with me then I will tell you a story and you may sing it out if you know the words yourself intensive singing multitudinous never stopping unstoppable awesome invincible a relentless chant chant chant chanting the secrets of the deep sky when you have never felt this good about yourself your expressive arms with soft flowing hands breathing in secrets all-embracing the gorgeous liars handling the sun the sky is full of stars enough of them to build a mountain you could’ve built mountains you could’ve moved mountains but never fear because one day you will grow exponentially you will become truly empowered you will join a growing army of powerful people you will see a pattern emerging like the promise and tragedy of animal magic a glimpse into some possible future you will climb mountains with your eyes open against the morning light until you have found hidden geysers gushing all over powerful waters spinning out of control like the three-dimensional objects that come to you in dreams O but sleep is but a recipe the shaded rear window lowered with a near silent recreation the monopoly of your radio shows they go around with their heads in the air not seeming to know how to put it into words all a matter of destiny the most powerful human secret of them all all rainy days and days and days and days beyond mortality feel the grating on the golden stairs forget about visualization the numerous viscosity a wild berry for the sake of clarity we have broken you so tell us of your disaster call your precious gemstones to the stand break out of the sugar prison erupt like an unforgiving volcano shard a glass of water on the edge of a playing card such simple little perfect panorama no need to understand because they certainly do not hahaha the fever and the delirium the inevitable task of carrying her across the other side of the desert to the strange lands beyond where there are more wonders strange cultures and dangers jumping castles party castles bounce houses jump houses bouncy castles moonwalks jumpers space jumps break out of the sugar prison realize a new feeling mmmmmmaybe clay or mmmmmmaybe sand or mmmmmmaybe cardboard mmmmmmaybe you will find a river that runs through white sands between high mountains built and moved across heavens you deserve to look and feel beautiful because you are and I use these words my idea of red I obtain a soldier’s uniform waving and screaming lecturing or badgering we throw rocks at numbers indeed numbers which could no doubt spin out these slow and dreamy hula harmonies it has been said that even a song during this turbulent life can spark the whitest fire the whitest sky the chuckling sky the bunny sky the charming sky the diamond sky the sky the sky the sky a liquid sky of coffee and tea toffee and seas ran red always when my eyes when they realized that they had forgotten to recognize the thousands even hundreds of thousands of women writhing at the river’s mouth one such woman Lauren she is forced to flee from Los Angeles Los Angeles Los Angeles and San Francisco is uncertain insubstantial only ever untraceable away from her gaze away from the power of an ever-burning fire she draws a portrait a wonderful drawing in the grandest of art but what if you are wrong and I am crazy well then in the words of Bushnell O well I love my love I say I expand beyond the horizons I float face-down like a body lost at sea today is the chisel and tomorrow is the mountain a giant heap of rock a buoy or anything else fascinating fascinating fascinating fast and able fat lady fast pace fast pay fat chance foxy lady a fox and chickens a fox and geese a fox chases French frogs in a gallery of statues and you are not in control of any of this you are just moments away from sun and sunless warm fingers used to indicate triangular shapes in the air like stars stars stars where are you in my garden of light an explosion so bright bright as the sun the morning light against my open eyes I was instantly blinded by explosive rays of light bold as bites of pineapple O my love mmmmmmaybe our minds work in ways we will never understand all style style style and color color color but mmmmmmaybe someday we will understand and we shall and we will and we will and we shall and we do and we care and we live and we love and we care and we shall and we care and we chant and we hum mmmmmmaybe mmmmmmaybe mmmmmmaybe!

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