Monday, November 19, 2012

poem || Jeff Harrison

Take Them, Take Them

Rimbaud inside the VOW
of the SUN, RIMBAUD!

taste the dials, color them
dead & muddied!, you

recollected flesh, you
unbroken sunflower!

take them to your
nothing-inked country,

you goodish person!
I love your pawnbroker's

vest, your greenish silhouette!
time pales never for trees,

mortal, dropping berries, tall as
as a stair! you are stationed

in the undergrowth, with
imaginary petals! where you

pace, misused! above twilight!
drowsing quick! don't drop,

with the birds, onto childish plums!
you've never wanted apples so badly!

a red rose! a yellow one! shed pages!
public skulk! private saunter! nice & sunny!

the captain's friends! the telephone is innocent!
hush! hush! listen! a short Lorca story:

Lorca, organ donor
Lorca Morning Horse (shhhhh...)

Lorca orders Wormswork
world-historical Lorca whore (shhhhh...)
factory Lorca
Lord Lorca (shhhhh...)
Lorca, Bjorn Borg, Bjorn Borg, Lorca
Lorca, Oregon (shhhhh...)
Doctor Lorca's for more corn liquor
Lorca's Aurora borealis record (shhhhh...)
Lorca, George Orwell, George Orwell, Lorca
North Korean Lorca (shhhhh...)
worthy Lorca, glorious Lorca!
worthy Lorca, glorious Lorca! (yesssss!!!)

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